one direction Imaginies

i will make anny fanisy u want with one dorection..... anny u request them ill righte a chapter about it all u gotta do is give a dicription of what u look like or what u want to look like, the boy/boys u want, and wat you want to be hapining soo pleez ask away all welcome


8. imagine: Emily (Niall

10 minutes left in the game your playing agents your best friend Louis and four of his friends. It was just you agents them. so unfair! Louis was an amazing soccer player and so was the boy with blond hair with blue eyes named Niall. 

"hay Ems, you gonna give up yet?" Louis teased sticking his tongue out at you. 

"yah in you dreams, Lou!" you laughed and made the last goal! but you still lost. 15-8. the boys were all high-fiveing when you went to sit down an a bench and watched them. when suddinly you went in to a day dream about Niall...

~your dream~

your sitting on a bench with Niall holding hands.

"babe?" Niall asked 

"yah, whats rong hun?"

"well, we have been hangin out for a wail..." he traild off

~end of dream~

"Em.....Em.... OH Emily earth to Emily" Louis said and you could hear the boys laughing. you got up and pulled Louis aside and told him what happened. you guies were best friends and told each other every thing. when you were done explaining he just looked at you and laughed.

"Lou its not funny"  you say mad at his reaction 

"ohh yes it is" 


"Lets just say the lepricon likes you."  he screamed. and Niall came running over and to us and looked at Louis with a very angry look on his face. 

"Umm.... Niall is that true... you know?" 

"well guilty as charged..." he said with a smile. then Louis whispered some thing in to his ear that made him smile even bigger. Niall walked up to you and put one hand on your waist pulling you close and the other one on your cheak moving your dirty blond hair out of your face and and gently placing his lips on yours. you were kissing for about two minutes befor Louis screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH P.D.A. RUN AWAY!!!" he ran to the other boys and told them what happened.  you and Niall have ben dating ever since and hes planing on pereposing.....good luck!!!!!!!!!






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