one direction Imaginies

i will make anny fanisy u want with one dorection..... anny u request them ill righte a chapter about it all u gotta do is give a dicription of what u look like or what u want to look like, the boy/boys u want, and wat you want to be hapining soo pleez ask away all welcome


10. imagine: Daisy (ends up with.......)

"Daisy get your ass down here i have a surprise for you" your dad yells from the living room. 

"OK, im coming" you say walking down the stairs to the living room to see One Direction on your couch.

"Daisy theas are my new clients!" your dad sais with a smile.

"Cool i love this band" you say. 

"Umm..Daisy?" Niall asked 


"why arnt you wearing pant?" you just woke up and you usually just where a t-shirt and underwear to sleep in so you hadn't had time to get blushed and ran upstairs and got in a bathing sute, shorts and a croptop. you put your hair in a braid and some sandals and ran down stairs.

Harry was in the kitchen making food for breakfast and the other boys were in the living room watching a movie. both Zayn and Niall patted their laps, saying come sit with me.

"No thanks boys ill just sit here" 

"why! this movie is sad. ill cry if someone doesnt sit with me." Niall said with a said face.

"OH, come here Niall boobear will help!" louis said trying to hug Niall.

"Babe c'mon ill keep you worm!" Zayn said winking. 

"No, IM FINE!" 

harry walks in and sais "food is ready" every body but you and harry get up to get there food. Harry walks over to you and whispered in you ear "sorry about them... do you wanna go for a walk?" you lived in a beach house so u just had to walk out the back porch and boom. your on the beach! 

"Shure" you take his hand and walk out to the water and stick you feet in looking over the water. 


"yah Harry?"

"I know that the other boys like you but....." 

you interrupted him by smashing your lips in to his. 

"Oh, OK. soo i take that as you like me......" Harry said when you came up for air. 

"yah i do is that ok.' you asked. 

"Of corse" he said pulling you in for another kiss. 



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