one direction Imaginies

i will make anny fanisy u want with one dorection..... anny u request them ill righte a chapter about it all u gotta do is give a dicription of what u look like or what u want to look like, the boy/boys u want, and wat you want to be hapining soo pleez ask away all welcome


1. ~~~HARRY~~~


You are at work.. the coffee shop waiting for ur boyfriend Harry to come in and get u and bring u home. But to day hes a late... only because he has to be at the studio with Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. So, you pull out your phone and look to see if you have a message from any one and shear enough You have a bright blue envelope on ur screen and you open it and its from Harry. 

(txt convo.)

H~ hayy love 

U~ Hiiiiiiiii <3

H~ im on my way to pick u up but ur noy goin home yet ;P

U~ babe i wanna go home im tiered and just wanna hang out with u com on remember ur staying over tonight cuz no ones going to be home???

H~ no i have a thing plained to night and ur coming with me and ur going to like it one way or another :)

U~ uggggg fine but only cuz i love u

end of convo


harry walks in the door to c u looking at ur phone weighting for a reply  when all of the sudden u feel worm strong arms grab ur waist from behind and wisper in your ear. "Are you ready to go babe i wanna get going and show you something" you terned around and looked in to thoes emreled green eyes and smiled and nodded and walked out of the shop and got in to his car. when the car stoped and u got out and looked around you were at ur towns park. this was a vary speshal park. its where he told you he loves you for the first time. he brought u to the same tree he said he loved you and got down on one knee and asked you for his hand soo u birst in to tears and kiss him passionatluy and he slides the ring on to you finger and kisses you again... you two spend the rest of the night together but ill let ur imaginaton take u there... hve fun. 

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