Die In Your Arms.

Sophie is coming home from a party late. She notices that someone is following her. She can hear the footsteps, but she's too scared to turn around. She notices that the stranger had followed her all the way home and left only when she made it in the house. Being the curious, adventurous girl she is, she decides to turn the tables and follow him. But what will happen? Will the stranger she her? Will she see something she was not supposed to?


2. Who's He?

Sophie's Point Of View~

I started to pick up my pace. There's someone behind me. I don't know who. I don't know why. I have been listening to their footsteps for about 3 blocks now. I want to turn around and see who it is, but I'm too scared. Oh Sophie stop being such a fucking wimp! Maybe I should. Should I? I am. I'm going to. No, I can't! Could it be we're just going the same way? For this long though? I highly doubt it.What should I do? I take out my phone and start to dial. Finally, a voice answers. "Hello?" "Mom it's me.Sophie." I replied. "Oh hey Sophie. I forgot to tell you, that I will be working really late tonight." I wanted her to listen to me. I'm really worried about this situation. "Yeah. Okay mom. I need you to stay on the phone with me." She sighed. I'm sorry sweetie, I have to get back to work." Oh god she is going to hang up. "Mom no wait!" "You can tell me later. I love you." Beeeep. What did I tell you? Great. I start to run as I see my house in the distance. Again, I hear footsteps. This time they're picking up the pace. Shit. Your gonna die, you're gonna die, you are going to fucking Die! I start to take deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. 

Finally, I am outside of my house. After what seems like forever. I still feel a presence around me, but now I don't even care.I just want to know who it is, and why they are following me. I search my pockets for my keys, and finally find them. I put them in the lock and turn them, stepping inside. I quickly shut my door and set my keys on the table. I rush to look out the window. I can see a shadow still watching my house. Whoever it is, it seems like they're slowly backing up like they are making sure I made it in. What the...What the hell is going on here? I bet Zayne is doing this. I can't take this. I grab my keys out of the lock, and write a note for my mom. I ran out the door, and turned around, swiftly locking the door and following the faint shadow.

I have been following the shadow for almost about 2 blocks, now. I have been kinda loud, so I myself, am really surprised I haven't been seen yet. Spoke too soon.The shadow starts to yell, he is on the phone now. He hangs it up, and starts pacing back and forth. I get slightly startled when I see a distant shadow.I scoot back behind an old fallen sign, so I'm barely noticeable in the pitch black.I see him turn the corner, and they start yelling at each other.Than one of them, pulls out a gun, and holds it to the others head. I let out a loud gasp, and instantly regretted it. I cupped my mouth with my hands, and waited hoping they heard nothing. I was wrong. The first shadow pushed the second on into the wall, and told him to wait there. I heard the footsteps once more. Coming closer and closer. 

"Get out." he told me. I pulled my hands away from my face and slowly looked up. I widened my eyes, at the sight of a gun in his hand. He narrowed his eyes, and gestured to the right of him with his gun. Signaling for me to go there. I slowly rose, and walked over. "Hands up." I gulped, and raised them above my head. He came closer and start to feel my pockets. I jumped. "relax babe. I just want to make sure you don't have anything." I let out a sigh. "Don't call me that." He grabbed my waist and came way to close for comfort and whispered.. "Damn sexy, want to come hang out at my place?" He put himself against me and pushed me to the wall. "I.. Uh... Umm" I was speechless, no idea what to say. "Good. It wasn't an option sweetheart. Let's go." He grabbed my wrist and started pulling me to his car in the alleyway. I pulled back as hard as I could, I struggled, but It was no use. He was too strong. He opened the door and pushed me in, then he cuffed me to the handle on the roof of his black range rover. He got in on the other side and shut the door. "Ready to go for a ride, hot stuff?" He winked at me and i sighed, rolling my eyes. This is going to be a loooonnnng ass night.

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