Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


9. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 8


Chapter 8- Secret Plans

        “Alright, first, the rules. You have 20 seconds to answer each one and I only want honest answers. I’m good at telling those who lie from those who are truthful, so if you play any tricks on me I will know it. Got it?” I nodded my head in agreement. I was desperate. I’ll do anything to follow through with my plans. “OK, number one, what are you going to do tonight?” I answered this right away. “I was planning on surprising Claire at around midnight. Hanaa’s agreed to help me with this, I am going to pick Claire up around midnight, and we are going to drive to the open field. I’m planning to stay there as long as we need to, as long as Claire tells me what’s been bothering her so much lately. If we are there all night, I’ve packed a few snacks for us to eat in the morning while I drive us back.” He thought about this and then nodded his head approvingly. “Number two, why do you want to do this specific thing?” I also had an answer for this, “I won’t relax until I know I can see her smile and know that nothing is bothering her at all.”  He looked shocked at how fast I was able to answer his questions. “Number three,” he had to think for a minute until another question came out, “What are you going to pack for snacks?” I told him I had packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for myself, and for Claire I packed Bologna and cheese. I knew that was her favorite kind of sandwich from Hanaa. I had honey barbeque Frito twists because those were her favorite kind of chips, and I have some soda or some apple juice. I was also going to bring some money with me in case we decided to go out for breakfast. I don’t really need to carry money with me but I don’t want to tell Claire I’m world famous yet so I’ll just bring some cash. So far he looked happy and impressed. I could tell there was one more question coming, “I have something to say before your last question. Claire and I have been through some tough times. I don’t want to see her hurt anymore than she has been in the past. Don’t push her into telling you everything, and even if she does tell you everything, she will always be more worried about other people. She doesn’t know how to worry about herself because she doesn’t like to think of reality. Convince her that tonight is about her and you’ll be able to talk to her about a few things. I don’t know what she’ll tell you, but I’ve been telling her for years that if you’re with the right person in the right moment, you can pour out your heart without a care in the world. In that moment you will know how far she will go, you will know if she trusts you with all her heart, and she will smile with everything in her. So your last question is, who are you?”I had listened closely to all that he said, acknowledging it, and letting it sink in. I heard the last question and answered honestly. “Sir, I’m kind of surprised no one in this town knows who I am. My name is Harold Edward Styles. I like to be called Harry. I am in a band called One Direction. I grew up in Holmes Chapel, England and I was put in this band while competing on the x-factor UK in 2010. My friends and I won third place but we are more popular than the first and second place winners. We’ve released one album so far and quite a few singles. Our second album will come out in November and our newest single will come out in less than a week.” He thought about this and was completely dumbstruck, “Are you telling me you are in that band my friend’s niece is obsessed with?” “I think that’s exactly what I’m telling you Sir, yes. I do know that almost no one in this town has any idea who we are. I haven’t decided how I was going to tell Claire yet either. Could this be something we keep between us for now? I don’t want to drop it on her because it’s a lot to handle.” Her father looked at me and said, “You have no idea what a lot to handle is.” He paused to take another sip of the coffee that he gripped in his hand as if remembering something, “You have my permission to take Claire out tonight. You gave me honest answers and you have everything well planned out. I will keep it a surprise for her and I will also hide the fact that you are a millionaire dating my daughter and could do anything he wanted but still came to me for permission. I respect that. You be good to my little girl okay?” I looked at him with disbelief and said, “Yes sir, there’s no way I wouldn’t be good to her. And thank you.” I got up from the table and he said, “Yeah, just make sure you are always honest with me and we won’t have a problem.” I promised him and left again before Claire would know I was there.

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