Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


7. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 6


Chapter 6- Afterwards…

        I walked away and over to Louis’ car. I got in the passenger door and I instantly knew he had been watching. He punched me in the arm when he said, “You romantic devil. How’d your walk go?” I told him every little detail. How we told each other our feelings, how we kissed, how I picked her up, how I wanted it to never end, I wanted to live in that one minute for the rest of my life. “I’ll never let her go.” I finished when my phone started going off too. I looked at the caller ID and it said it was Claire. My heart pounded, and I answered, “Hello beautiful is everything all right?” so she asked me, “If you gave Liam the car keys, how are you getting home?” I gave an answer that reminded her to call Hanaa back. “Louis was waiting around the corner in his car for me since he drove Hanaa home and you two are next door. From the way it sounds the evening turned out well for both of us.” I could tell she was thinking about this. I couldn’t picture her with a serious face, and smiled at the thought of her trying to have one. Then she said, ”Oh my gosh I forgot about Hanaa! Can I call you back?” “Sure, whenever you need me.” And we hung up. Louis told me about his ride with Hanaa and that it was the best car ride he had ever had. I asked him what happened and he said they kissed before she went inside and that he walked her up to the door. We both got the girls of our dreams. Today was a very good day. Next week I’m going to plan something special for our week-a-versary. I don’t know what yet but I know it needs to be special. When we got back Lou and I walked in the house with a big smile on each of our faces. The boys knew we had made a successful plan and cracked out some celebratory popcorn to eat and throw at each other to just have some fun with each other. It’s not nearly as fun as throwing fruit at the wall but it’ll do. We’ve had a few good food fights that no one will forget about. It was almost 1 am when I decided to head off to bed. Claire was on my mind, and I smiled as I got to my room. I changed into sweats and plopped down into my bed. I sunk into it and smiled at the ceiling like an idiot. I was alone to think about her. Her eyes, her hair, her freckles, her curls, her lips, her smile, her style. It hadn’t left my mind and I went to bed asking myself if there really was something bothering her in the back of her head and she doesn’t want me to know about. When I had just closed my eyes I got her text, “goodnight <3” and went to sleep with the screen of my phone showing the text. I didn’t believe that had happened so quickly, or that it did happen at all.

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