Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


5. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 4


Chapter 4- The Plan

        Our group of 7 had plans to go to a late movie. We needed to plan. Well, Lou and I did if we wanted to get Hanaa and Claire. Liam was dating Danielle, Zayn was with Perrie, and Niall had a silent crush on a new girl named Ashley that had recently moved here like us. We came home from school and sat in the study. We figured it was a good place to think about this. Liam cut in on our planning and said, “How about we go to the movies first and take two cars. Harry, you can drive yours, and Louis, you can drive your car.” Louis and I agreed to that then said, “How are both cars going to make it back?” Liam continued, “Harry, open the passenger door to your car and ask Claire to ride with us. I’ll get in the back seat so she can sit by you.” At this point Niall had gotten a snack and Zayn followed him in with snacks for the rest of us. Zayn suggested something as well, “Niall and I could ride in the back and give Hanaa the front seat so she can ride with you Louis.” I thought it was a good plan so far. Niall said with a mouthful of food, “Harry why don’t you walk Claire home and ask her out then and Lou, you can drive Hanaa home and wait for Harry to leave Claire’s house since they live so close. Liam, Zayn, and I will take Harry’s car while Liam drives it and you two can drive home together.” It was amazing how fast we put together this plan. Now we just had to think about what to say when we were with the girls. When we got to the movies, not even the girls wanted to see a chick flick so we decided on watching The Avengers. That’s another thing we have in common! We paid for our tickets and went into the theatre. Niall went into the long row of seats first, Liam followed him and Louis did too. Hanaa went in to steal a seat next to him and I let Claire go in next. Zayn let me go in front of him and he wanted to be on the end in case Perrie called him. Since we’ve been traveling so much they haven’t had time to see each other and made plans to call each other tonight before all of us made plans to hang out tonight. I can’t believe I’m really sitting next to her! This is the best movie ever. When the movie was over it was dark outside and we wanted food. Especially Niall. We drove to Steak ‘n’ Shake and since Hanaa and Claire walked, we let them choose which car to go in. I didn’t even have to ask for Claire to get in mine. Hanaa got in Louis’ so Claire followed me over to mine. Liam got in the back just like he said he would. When I closed Claire’s door I said thank you to Liam for thinking of such a brilliant plan. I tried to hurry around the car without making it too obvious I was trying to hurry. Steak ‘n’ Shake was just on the other side of the theatre so it didn’t take any time at all to get there. Once at the restaurant we ordered our food. We offered to pay so Hanaa and Claire wouldn’t have too. After about an hour all of us were full, Niall never was but he went along with it. When we got outside I pulled Claire to the side and asked her if I could walk her home. I saw a flicker of excitement flash across her face. She said, “Are you sure? Walking can get kind of boring especially at night.” “I’m sure, now you lead the way.” I managed a bright smile with how nervous I was. She smiled back and watched me to make sure I meant it. She seems very cautious of her surroundings most of the time.

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