Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


4. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 3


Chapter 3- Lunchtime :)

        School was the same, I stared at Claire and she looked back to see if I was staring at her. We talked and laughed and had fun at lunch. Claire has a bright and beautiful personality and Hanaa has an amazing imagination. All of us have certain qualities we keep to ourselves though we may not make it obvious. I realized Claire didn’t have a lunch so I whispered to Zayn, “Claire doesn’t have a lunch. I think we should all try and give her something.” He passed it around the table and since I was next to Hanaa, it went around until it got through everyone excluding Claire and Hanaa. A look of uneasiness washed over Claire and Hanaa asked her to go to the bathroom with her. I asked Louis, “Did Hanaa say anything about Claire?” He answered, “No but don’t worry. Eventually she’ll talk to you about whatever it is.” We both took out our phones and sent the same text, “everything okay?” neither of us could tell if Claire needed to talk or Hanaa so we just sent them the same thing hoping one would tell us something. Lunch ended and they still weren’t back so all of us stood outside the bathroom to wait for them. Hanaa unlocked the door and came out with Claire right behind her. She looked like she had been crying but we pretended not to notice and walked to class. I hope Louis is right. I don’t like seeing her upset. The hallways at the moment were too busy to ask any questions and I’m not sure we could’ve gotten an answer from either of them. A picture flashed in my mind of the two of us sitting outside stargazing, and she was telling me something. It was like a vision or something. I’ve been seeing things like this for a long time, I just didn’t know what they were or if they would actually come true someday. I’ve also been seeing them more often and each vision was a little bit different  All of us took our time in getting to class so we didn’t rush. We weren’t talking either but with all the commotion in the halls I’m surprised we all were able to stay together. We all got to our classes perfectly on time and sat down in our assigned seats. I sit a few rows behind Claire in this class and she always checks to see if I’m there even when she knows I am. I do the same if she’s ever behind me but I asked if I could always have a seat near the back. At the end of the day I called Claire when she was walking home. I could hear Hanaa saying something and laughing in the background so I figured they were walking together. I was a little worried about her since she came out of the bathroom looking like she had cried a little, it must’ve shown in my voice because Claire told me a few times she was fine. I hung up and Louis teased me about bothering her too much, but he was dialing Hanaa at the moment so I let it slide. I made noises in the background for Louis just like Hanaa had done for Claire. It was kind of fun until Louis hung up and gave me the evil eye. I think he’s getting better at it and I don’t want to help him become an expert. It’s really creepy when he looks at you that way. The week after that went by in what felt like a minute and Friday had finally arrived.

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