Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


29. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 28


Chapter 28

Demi was pleased to hear we had gotten through at all. There was an awkward moment of silence when Demi said, “Now everyone, by now I have taught you the very basics of your powers. The longer you have them the stronger they will get, and the more dangerous. These powers can also be used for evil. It is the job of my friends to teach you anything else you need to know. Selena will help you strengthen them, and Eleanor will help you know how to use them, understand them, and use them for good. It is our job to make sure you can do whatever it takes to live normal lives, and handle your powers. I hope you had fun today. I know I had fun watching all of you experience your powers for the first time.” She said that that looking at Niall. We all laughed and knew what she meant. “Looking over us one more time with a sense of pride, she said, “Selena and Eleanor will be here this time tomorrow to begin. First they will meet with each of you individually, then with just two of you. After just a few meetings you will be ready to handle them in public. Until then, don’t forget to have fun and get some rest. Using your powers can drain your energy faster than you think.” She winked and walked back towards the door she came in. I was kind of glad she was gone. None of us knew who she was but she had helped us more than we realized. I had a little fun. I figured out that I just had to think of the person I wanted to talk to, as long as they were in the room with me, and I could get into their minds. I still couldn’t get into Claire’s. Claire started laughing so I asked her what was so funny so she told me Hanaa said, “I can lift stuff that’s just as heavy as anything Louis can lift! I wonder if that’ll come in handy…” I started laughing with Claire. She explained to me that she might be able to hear people without them hearing her. Then she tried doing the same thing to Louis. She heard, “Awwww carrots. Hanaa might be able to lift heavier things than me with her mind! I hope she doesn’t use it against me…” I laughed even harder and he didn’t hear me either. He said that out loud a few seconds after he thought it so he and Claire said it at the same time. I have to touch the person to be able to see anything, so I got up and walked over to where Danielle and Liam were sitting and talking. I casually walked up and listened to Liam talking with a totally sarcastic interest and put his arm on Danielle. I moved a little but no one noticed. You have to get used to being teased by all of the boys in the group if you’re going to date one, so Danielle didn’t do anything about my arm. I knew Claire wouldn’t mind because I told her what I was going to do, but I still looked over at her anyway. My face got serious for a moment while I focused on what I was seeing. I pretended to act bored and walked back over to where Claire was still sitting on the window seat. “Well that was interesting. I saw her future. I think it was a few years from now, I saw Liam and her out on a date in the park. They were on a checkered blanket sitting on the grass, laughing and having a good time eating heart shaped sandwiches. They finished eating and Liam packed the blanket into the basket they had, it was a typical picnic basket. He carried the basket with one hand and held Danielle’s in his other. He asked if they could stop a minute and Danielle sat down on the bench they had stopped at. It was right in front of the beach I took you to. Liam pulled a little box out of the basket and got down on one knee. Danielle had turned around and when she saw him, she stood up and jumped for joy. Liam took her left hand in his right hand and she covered her face with her free hand. She started crying and Liam said, “Danielle, would you do me the honor, of marrying me?” she said, “YES! OH MY GOD YES! YES!” and hugged him after he slipped the ring on her finger. They got up and Danielle gave him a kiss and they walked around the park a little bit more so they could calm down. They celebrated with a bottle of champagne and wine glasses on the shoreline. Neither of them could stop smiling and then I lost focus.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, and Claire didn’t believe what I was saying. Liam and Danielle were going to get married in a few years. Claire read Danielle’s mind and was wondering why I was standing next to her and not talking, usually I teased her or something but Claire said she quickly pushed the thought away and began to think about what she should wear to their next date. I told Harry, “She was wondering why you didn’t say anything when you stood next to her.” I was expecting that when I asked Claire what time it was. It had turned dark and everyone was still here. “Harry it’s getting late and I really want to go home and go to sleep. I’ll call you when I get home okay?” I said sure and I watched Claire walk outside with Hanaa. Her car was here so she drove both of them home. I ran into my room and changed into the same bagging sweats I had worn when I ran into Claire the first time. I set my alarm to wake me up at 6:00 on the dot in the morning. I told the boys to do anything they could to wake me up at that time just in case my alarm didn’t work…again. Of course the next day it didn’t go off at 6:00. If it did I slept through it and got up at 6:30. The boys also failed to come in and wake me up so I was rushing around the house. Then I thought, “Didn’t this happen?”











The end… :) <3 love you One Direction!!!!!














Thank you to my close friends Hanaa and Ashley for letting me put them in the story. I had fun writing it and I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I.

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