Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


25. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 24


Chapter 24

My car was one of 6 parked outside because Danielle, Perrie, and Ashley all drove here and we each had our own cars that we rented. There was a couple more in the garage in case one stopped working and we all needed to go to different places at different times. It wasn’t very likely but they were there for us.  When we walked in I heard Niall from the kitchen and Louis in the living room. We joined them on the couch and everyone stopped talking as soon as Niall came in with food. I didn’t think about it but Claire and I haven’t had anything to eat in a while and I suddenly felt hungry.  He had popped some popcorn and opened a few different kinds of chips. We ate them a lot when we watched movies so we always had some in the house. I think Claire was used to not eating a whole lot so I let her eat off of my plate. I filled it as much as I could and had to walk slowly to make sure it didn’t all spill over. We had a few more minutes of joking around but we all grew very serious as we remembered why we were here.  Ashley started by introducing herself; it wasn’t completely necessary for us since Niall talked about her all the time, but we listened anyway. Ashley had no idea who we were so we went around telling her our names. We all shared the main part of our dream and if we missed something, it was corrected before we knew who said it, most of the time it was Liam or Danielle. I don’t think anyone else was really paying attention because we already knew what happened. After we went over what happened we went over what power everyone had. I thought my power was the coolest but if I said that I’d be bragging. I could see into the future, Claire could read thoughts and emotions almost control them, Hanaa could move things with her mind, Louis had strength. Liam could solve any problem in the blink of an eye, Danielle could heal people, Niall was able to teleport places, Ashley could fly, Zayn could control the weather, and Perrie could run faster than light. Of course Liam was the one to suggest we all try out our powers. I laughed a little bit and so did Louis when I looked at him. We all went along with it. Louis actually could lift a lot more weight than anyone else could. I tried to focus on Claire’s mind but I came up blank. Instead I turned to Louis and tried to see if I could see his future. I think it was working but I heard Claire scream a little bit and she covered her ears. She crouched down on the floor and I made her take some deep breaths. I put my arms around her to make sure she was okay and that I wasn’t going to hurt her. She looked up at me and told me she was okay. I stayed with her leaning against the back of the couch for a few minutes while she calmed down. I assume that means she could hear people’s thoughts and that her powers worked. The room was almost silent and Hanaa looked over at us. She asked if Claire was okay. She was still trying to relax and she had her eyes closed so Hanaa couldn’t ask her. I nodded and Hanaa turned back to Louis. I gave up on trying learning anyone else’s future so I focused on Claire. I still couldn’t see anything. Maybe if I touched I’d be able to see something. Would I ever know what was going to happen? I kissed her again and hugged her at the same time. I was hoping it would work. It didn’t. Nothing was working.  I think Claire was trying to read my mind too. She must’ve had just as good of luck as I did because I don’t think it worked for her either. Niall was kind of close to Claire and moved from where he was to standing next to Ashley. He scared her so much she jumped into the air and stayed there before she landed safely onto the floor. Claire was looking at her and I wondered if she could talk to Ashley if she wanted. She came over to Claire and said something to her. I couldn’t hear what she said but I assumed it was good because Claire smiled and so did Ashley. Claire walked over to Hanaa who was concentrating on moving a pencil. Claire walked back over to me and told me what she did for Hanaa and that Hanaa said, “What if it doesn’t work? I’ll be the only one without a power.” She could hear and feel her sadness, but she kept telling her to stay positive. Just then, she moved the pencil and shot it across the room like an arrow. It hit Louis and bounced off his stomach like he didn’t even feel it. We both guessed since he had super strength he was nearly invincible. We didn’t really have a way to test out Liam and Danielle’s powers but we assumed if we had them, so did they. Perrie went onto the indoor track they had in another part of the house and we all stood by the starting line cheering her on. Zayn whispered something in her ear and before she took off she smiled. The second she moved her feet she disappeared. She was about to hit the wall when Danielle stopped her. Shocked we looked over at her. She looked just as surprised as we were. Then I looked at her and focused. I heard Claire whisper to her just as she was saying it to Danielle, “Making force fields and protecting people must be part of your power along with healing them.” Danielle looked at Claire and smiled, knowing she would be able to. The next thing we did was go outside. Zayn wanted to see if he could make it rain with thunder and lightning. He closed his eyes and we watched him with anticipation. Then a light drizzle started. It was like magic! A few minutes later the first round of thunder and lightning started. Zayn was celebrating with us and the rain and thunder stopped. Then Claire found a way she could test Liam and do her homework at the same time. She took out her notebook and gave Liam our Algebra book. I laughed at her because I knew she hated that class and was going to try and get some answers out of Liam. It worked. He gave her answer after answer and I was cracking up watching Claire scribble down the numbers he said. When Liam had finished the homework, Claire took the book from him and said, “Well now we know all of our powers work. What do we do now?” Danielle looked at Claire the same time she did and it looked like they had a short conversation. Claire looked back at me. I didn’t know if she could read my mind or not and I wasn’t really trying to test my powers so I couldn’t tell if mine even worked. I just watched Claire go from Danielle to Liam, and back to Danielle. They headed out the door and I was about to ask Claire what she had said but then she turned to Niall and I didn’t want to interrupt her concentration. He was standing a little ways away from Ashley scratching his head. He was nervously staring at Ashley and I think Claire was trying to see if she could do anything about that. I Claire knew I was looking at her but chose to ignore it. I looked over at Niall and Ashley just to see if what Claire was saying had been working. I looked over just as Niall turned to Claire with a surprised look. I don’t know what she was saying but she pointed to Ashley. He walked over to her and nervously asked her out. I gave him two thumbs up hoping I was supposed to. Claire did too so we both smiled and Ashley said yes. Hugging, they walked out into Niall’s car and drove away. Claire was still smiling when she turned to me and I asked, “What did you just do?” She told me that Danielle and Liam went to the hospital because Danielle wanted to heal a few people, she got Niall and Ashley dating, and there was just one thing that was bothering her so I asked, ”What?” She told me, “I can’t read your mind. I can’t get into your head and feel your emotions. It worked on everyone else but you.” She held her hands up to my face and seemed to try one last time by touch like I had done when I kissed her. Then I told her the truth too, “I can’t get into your head either. I even saw a future for Ashley and we just met her. But not you. There’s something different about you.” “There must be something different about you too. I love you.” I smiled and said, “I love you too. Now let’s see if you can get Zayn, Perrie, Louis, and Hanaa to go away as well so we can have the house to yourself.” “I’ll try my best, let’s see if this works.” She flashed me a proud smile and focused on Hanaa. I could tell she was trying to relax her mind and was trying to think about what she was doing. Maybe that’s what I have to do. Just focus on someone and use all of my brain to focus really hard. She and Louis were sitting in a corner showing off their powers and laughing at each other. She must’ve gotten into her head because she blushed when Hanaa looked at Louis and I knew she could feel what Hanaa was feeling. I don’t think Hanaa was expecting Claire to say anything but she turned around. I don’t know what she said either but Claire turned to me and said to wait a few minutes while she asked Zayn and Perrie to go. She knew that when Hanaa asked for a second, she needed at least ten minutes. She kind of freaked out a little because her powers worked. I couldn’t believe mine had worked either and she asked me if there was anything in she could do to help with the future working out well. I told her, “I wouldn’t mess with the future babe. Nothing good comes out of that. Things happen for a reason and I don’t think it would be a good idea to change it.” “How is it you can be so sweet and a total smarty pants at the same time?” She smiled and kissed me before she let me answer. I smiled as she kissed me and we stood there kissing and laughing at each other. I tried once more to get into her head before anyone else. Claire let go of me and took a few steps toward Zayn. Our powers weren’t that strong yet and she wanted to be sure she could talk to him even though he wasn’t too far away. Zayn and Perrie were sitting on the couch tickling each other, again in their own little world. Perrie’s back was towards Claire so she couldn’t see her looking at Zayn the way she was. I almost felt jealous for a second because of it but I knew it didn’t mean anything. I could tell she was having trouble. She almost fell and I didn’t want her to so I grabbed her hand. She didn’t seem to notice because she kept looking at Zayn. Claire didn’t say more than a few sentences but Zayn looked at her. She was back to me when I heard the door slam to the outside. “How was that? Did I please you?” She said bowing down to me with a slight giggle in her voice. “You never cease to please me.” I leaned over and kissed her forehead. I pulled her up and we started laughing so hard we had to sit back down again. Then I stopped and stared at her. I was trying one last time to see into her future. Into our future. She must’ve had the same thought because she stared back at me since I gave her the chance. What was in our future? Was it our future? I still couldn’t see anything. I don’t know why this is so hard. I tried to look into her eyes. They were so beautiful, mesmerizing even. I don’t know how she could date someone like me but she was and I love her. Our beautiful moment was over and both of us were left clueless on why we couldn’t get into the other one’s head. 

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