Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


24. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 23


Chapter 23- Laughing Attacks in the Car

“So what happened in the doctor’s office with the weird doctor?” Hanaa was in the back seat and asked Claire all the questions both of us were thinking. I was still learning my way around the area so Claire and Hanaa talked while I got lost. I finally gave up and used the GPS to find the road again. Claire was stretching out her leg and making sure it really was fine and answered, “I was in the little room and the doctor told me to get off the table and walk around a little bit. He had taken off the walking boot so I was just walking on my leg normally. Nothing hurt and I felt completely fine. I told him I was fine and I sat back down on the table. I put on my sock and my shoe so I could have a pair on instead of just one and on the paper he was filling out for my records; he wrote, “They’re ready.” On a blank line. Does that seem weird to you or is it just me?” The GPS wasn’t much help and I was still circling the hospital to find an exit to the parking lot. I was also trying to listen to Claire and watch the road. American roads and cars are so strange. I answered Claire and said, “It is weird. I wonder what he meant. What did he say after that?” I couldn’t look at Claire but I knew she was thinking. He must’ve said something after that otherwise she wouldn’t have been allowed to leave. “He said that if I felt any pain at all then I should come back to see him. He’ll write a prescription for pain pills and I’ll have to take them every day until my leg is not hurting anymore. I left and that’s when I met you guys in the waiting room.” Hanaa talked next and said, “And then you showed us that text and okay I’m all caught up. Maybe this has something to do with our dreams. I mean… it’s not unlikely since all of us are having the same dream over and over again. Let’s see what happens with this.” We all stopped talking and sat in silence for a few minutes. I wanted to break the silence. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything but the road and when we came to a red light, I said, “Red light.” I leaned over and kissed Claire. Hanaa said, “You guys! Not when I’m here!” She started laughing and Claire said, “You would do the same with Louis!” she covered her face with her hands and said, “Yeah but not if there are other people in the car! And…and…There’s a green light now!” I looked up and there was. I was laughing at both of them. Claire and Hanaa are really funny when they’re together. Sometimes they say the same thing at the same time or do the same thing and then claim to be telepathic. I started moving the car before I was honked at. I knew where we were going by now so it wasn’t too hard for me to get lost. Unless we started laughing like that again. I looked over at Claire who was looking over her at Hanaa when she said, “Oh I just remembered, Claire; Danielle, Perrie, Ashley and I are thinking about having a girl’s night out. Without the boys. You wanna come?” She should have a night off. The boys have been wanting a girl free night so we could play Pokemon like we used to. We also need to talk about song ideas for the next album and try out some new lyrics and decide if we like the way they sound. I started humming the tune to one of our new songs called Little Things when Claire said, “Harry; do you think you can live a night without me around?” she grabbed my hand and I said, “I will if you come on the tour with us.” I winked at her and I said, “As long as I don’t have to talk or sing or dance I’ll go. Hanaa; let’s go!” they started laughing again and I started thinking about that. If she goes on the tour with us, I can pull her up on stage and introduce her to everyone at the concert. She won’t have to do anything but I can tell everyone about her in a way so that it won’t sound secretive. I heard Claire and Hanaa laughing again and shook my head while I joined them. They both have contagious laughs and Claire’s smile makes me want to laugh with her every time. I kissed her at another red light and Hanaa had the same response. This time Louis called her before she could finish her sentence and put him on speaker so all of us could talk to him. “Where are you guys? Everyone’s here already so when you come in we can start.” I said, “We’re just a few minutes away. If you were driving I’m sure it would take longer.” We laughed at that and Louis said, “Well since you’re driving I’m sure you’ll get lost.” We heard people in the background laughing and Niall said into the phone, “Harry; don’t get pulled over for driving too slow. That’s Louis’ job.” Louis said, “He means don’t stop at any red lights. You might kiss Claire too much!” then Claire said to Louis, “He can’t kiss me too much. But you might end up kissing Hanaa too much if you get pulled over at a red light!” I laughed and gave Claire a high five. That was a good come back.  Hanaa said, “He would not!” but the words barely came out of her mouth because she was laughing so hard. Claire was holding Hanaa’s phone so I could talk and hold her hand. Then we heard Liam say, “Clarry and Hanaa; get here as soon as you can. It’s no fun over here and Zayn’s making us wait to eat snack until you get here! Niall’s going out of his mind!” That made me laugh harder and I knew Claire was wondering what Clarry was. I was going to explain it to her but  I don’t want to get us lost again and I’m sure she’ll ask about it at some point. I saw how hard Claire was laughing and since I was driving; I wasn’t laughing that hard so I took the liberty in saying, “We’ll be there soon. Goodbye.” I waved at the phone and said it in a really funny happy voice and made it seem like I was talking to a person face to face. Claire hung up and gave Hanaa back her phone. They had both calmed down now but Claire said her stomach and her face hurt. I looked at her and said, “You haven’t had a laughing attack like that in a while. Next time; remind me not to be driving so I can laugh with you. Driving and laughing is hard!” I made her laugh more and she sighed. I haven’t ever seen her laugh that hard. I think she really is honestly happy right now. Claire added after a minute, “And the doctor’s name was doctor Ish. I was trying so hard not to laugh at his name.” I laughed at his name because I got why she was laughing at it. Every time Claire or Hanaa finish a sentence or a word and they’re not sure about it, they both end it with ish. Claire says it a lot without realizing it and I laugh whenever I hear her say it. I still know what she means though. I had gotten lost when Claire said that so it was going to take a few more minutes than I expected. After kind of a long while we pulled up to the mansion.

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