Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


23. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Another thing happened in my dream. The day went by like it did the first time, but I was able to see what would happen in everyone’s future. It was like I had gotten into their head and could look into their future without disrupting them. I didn’t even have to try to look either. As soon as I touched them I would see their fate. Seeing Claire next to me helped a little bit but I couldn’t get over the fact that I had some strange power in my dream. I started to wake up and realized Claire must’ve been awake for a while because the first thing she said was, “There was something added to my dream. Did anything change in yours?” I got up onto my elbows nodded my head yes. I was afraid of that; I was hoping her dream hadn’t changed like mine. Did she have some sort of power? Did we have the same one? I told her that in my dream I could see into the future and see into other people’s minds. Claire told me she was able to read other people’s minds and feel what they felt; almost control it if she wanted. I could tell it really bothered her. So I gave her a warm, tight hug. In the middle of it Claire asked, “What if what happens in our dreams is true? Not the backwards part, but us having powers?” Then I said, “If what happens in our dreams is true that means we might have powers. It doesn’t seem very likely but we might as well talk to the others about it; see what they have to say and if they have the same dreams.” “You’re probably right. But for now, we should get to school and find out what we missed in study hall.” Claire stood up as she pulled me up and gave me a kiss and a quick smile. She did that as I yawned but we walked to the building that was white in real life, but solid black in our dreams. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn came up to me and asked why I hadn’t answered my phone all day. They looked at Claire talking to Hanaa a few feet away and immediately knew the answer. I told Louis what was added to my dream and the others heard. They told us the same thing that has been happening to us happened to them so we all decided to meet over the weekend at our house. Our whole group was outside. Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Hanaa, Ashley, Perrie, Danielle, Claire, and I stood around each other, silent. All of us have had the same dream the past couple of nights. All of us have powers in them. I knew mine and I knew Claire’s, so what was everyone else’s? I tried to stay close to Claire all day and I told her that we had decided to meet at our mansion after she got her walking boot off. I knew she was having a hard time “taking it easy” with this new dream repeating itself every night, but I was happy she tried too. She seemed happy for the reason of getting her walking boot off, but then the dream would flow into my head and questions would come with it and I understood why her happiness would only last a few minutes. I don’t like seeing her like this. I knew the questions she was thinking because I had the same ones. Was it supposed to mean something? Was it true? Could the events in our dreams actually resemble events in the future? I have a feeling everyone was distracted today. I tried to focus all my attention onto Claire, even with doing that all I could think about was my dream. The day didn’t go by as fast as it usually did and I don’t completely remember what went on.  I just remember the dream. This time it didn’t end with me sleeping. It was continued from falling asleep after missing school so I woke up the next day. I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble but I went to school. Someone called me down to the school office because I had a phone call. When I answered it, a woman’s voice said, “Be careful. Your dreams may seem like a dream, but they do come true. Listen to your friends and the meaning will come to you in the next few weeks.” “She” or whoever it was left me staring at the phone when the call was over. I didn’t have time to say anything; I just heard what she said. I didn’t understand what I had just heard, and decided to ignore it. There wasn’t anything I could do about it but I told Claire anyway. I thought about it all day and Claire said he got the same phone call. I couldn’t believe it. Should I believe it? Saturday was finally here. I went to pick up Claire for her appointment and Claire’s dad brought Hanaa along. Claire and I talked in the car. She was worried about how her dad would do in the hospital since he was kind of scared of them. She also wanted to get out of there quickly so we could all get to the bottom of this thing with our dreams. I helped her walk into the waiting room and take a seat while I go check in for her appointment. I didn’t tell her I was also paying for it. I heard Claire laughing so I walked into the waiting room and took a seat next to me. Claire was laughing too hard to say anything so she pointed at Hanaa and her dad on the other side of the room. As they sat down, both of them crossed their right leg over their left and flipped a page. Hanaa had a make-up magazine from Avon and dad had the famous Sports Illustrated magazine, but they were reading it like they were reading a good book. I could tell Claire was trying her best to laugh silently, but her face was completely red when I came over to sit next to her. After I knew why she was laughing I started laughing with her. Only a few minutes passed until a nurse called Claire in. She asked if her dad could come in with and Hanaa and I were the only ones left in the waiting room. Claire told me this might happen since this doctor’s office wasn’t ever that busy. I knew what to expect but it was still a little weird. I didn’t talk to Hanaa much before her and Louis started dating because I had known her as Louis’ crush. Hanaa still managed to start a conversation, but I guess she wanted to see what I thought of Claire now that I knew everything. I had to laugh at what she first asked because it sounded a lot like something Claire’s father would’ve asked me. “Now you know just about as much as I do, you spend a lot of time with her, from what Louis tells me you talk about her all the time; and Claire didn’t want to tell you about all of this because she was worried about you. She is very good about completely forgetting about herself. And I think you two make an adorable couple!” She smiled to herself and continued, trying to act serious. I had no Idea where this was going so I let her keep talking, “I guess I’m trying to make sure you won’t hurt her. Will you?” I told her, “I couldn’t ever hurt her. I don’t know if she remembers or not, but she agreed to go on tour with us. Louis might’ve told you but I have a little bit of stage fright. I’m hoping that if Claire comes I’ll be able to get over that. But no; I won’t ever hurt Claire.” She smirked at me and asked, “Why?” I knew the answer she was looking for and totally ruined her plan for possibly teasing Claire and said with all honesty, “I love her.” Claire came out of the hallway with her dad just as Hanaa’s face went from a smirk to a shocked look and her jaw dropped. She straightened up when she saw Claire and took out her phone. Claire walked straight over to me and I hugged her. She showed me her phone. On the screen she had typed out, “Weird doctor. I’ll tell you about it in the car.” Her dad hugged her too and she showed Hanaa behind his back. I looked from Claire to Hanaa and I knew this was something serious. Claire and Hanaa got into my car so we could drive right to my place. Claire looked a little embarrassed by her dad’s car because it was an, “old machine” or so Claire said. We followed him out of the parking lot and got to my house as soon as we could.

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