Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


3. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 2


Chapter 2- Weird Run-in

        Louis and Hanaa also had a relatively long conversation and we never knew what to text back. Niall was also texting another girl he met but neither Louis nor I had any idea who he was talking about. It was a pretty normal night after that, none of us have had much time for a social life with how often we travel for tours. We normally only spend a few weeks in one place and eat out a lot more than we should. Whenever we stay in one place longer than a few weeks, the boys have made it a tradition for me to make dinner. I am the best chef in the group so I also am the chosen one to go shopping for the food. I took the coupons off the fridge and looked through some fan mail while munching on an apple. They all basically say the same thing but I like to read them anyway. Every once in a while I read them aloud if I feel like they’re really good and I think we should each write a couple sentences in response. I put the letters back into the envelope and dropped them into a box of fan mail. We try to keep every letter possible but we do have to throw some out. I ran up the back staircase and into my room. I had the biggest bedroom in the house because Paul, our body guard, said you get the first bedroom you run into. All of our bedrooms worked out nicely for us and nobody wanted to switch. I threw on some old sweats and my purple Jack Wills sweatshirt. When I go shopping I put on Zayn’s nerd glasses because they act as a disguise. Even people who seem to not know who you are find out and track you down. With the glasses I don’t have to worry about it. I got to the store and walked over to the meat section. I got some good ground beef and then ordered a few different types of cheeses. I checked all of the packages of tortillas before I picked a good pack of corn tortillas. In the refrigerated section I carefully chose some lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, onions, and a few more extra things. I got some ice cream and walked into the candy isle. It smelled so sweet, sort of like the way I imagine Claire to smell with her curly brown hair and beautiful brown hazel eyes, they almost have a flicker of green in them at times. I saw a variety of different candies and as I looked down the aisle and Claire was coming down the aisle. She wore her glasses as well and had on some old clothes. I pretended to look at some frosting when we both came to the realization of who we ran into, we both blurted “hey! What are you doing here? I’m shopping, what are you? Really? Me too!” I laughed as we stood there talking at the same time. All of a sudden Claire looked away and turned around. She left me standing there in the store staring at a jar of sprinkles. I left the store, bought the food and tried to catch her before she left but I didn’t know which car was hers and texting her was out of my mind. When I got home I set out the ingredients and Niall came into the kitchen. “FOOD!!!!! HARRY’S MAKING FOOD!!!!!” Louis had gone to the mall and said he had a similar run in with Hanaa.   


Sorry this is so short! i didn't have a whole lot of time when i was writing it! :)

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