Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


20. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 19


Chapter 19

“OUCH! Stop it! You’re going to hurt yourself!” I was trying to carry my books and things and Claire’s. It wasn’t working and our stuff kept falling on Claire. She laughed and yelled at me every time something hit her but I knew she was just messing around with me. We have all the same classes; but I clearly have more to carry than Claire does. I have also fallen in love with her. More than anyone could ever love something. No matter what she tried to do, I would always love her more. Was that good? Was that bad? While I was in the middle of a thought, Liam walked up behind us and went, “What are the two love birds doing in the hallway now?” Claire shot back at him, “Don’t you have a girlfriend of your own to catch up with?” he smiled at us and sped ahead to catch up with Danielle. I was surprised at Claire. I knew she was confident but I didn’t think she would ever say that. I was impressed and hid my shock behind the stack of book s that I held. I had just barely gotten all of our stuff balanced in one arm with Claire’s hand in my other when we were interrupted again. Niall came running and he split our hands apart and pretended not to be there. We both gave him a look but he got mine and said, “What? Was I interrupting something?” He was trying too hard to hide his laughing. Finally he gave up and couldn’t stop. We had to laugh with him and watched him catch up to a girl he liked named Ashley. He talks about her all the time at home. Almost more than how much Lou and I talk about Claire and Hanaa. Our little group of the 7 of us was joined by Ashley, Perrie, and Danielle. Now our table had Claire on one side of me, Hanaa on her other side in case they needed to talk to each other, Louis, Liam and Danielle, Niall and Ashley were nervously sitting next to each other; I guess Niall invited her to sit with us earlier today. It was quite funny actually and all of us gave him a look and he blushed. The girls had no idea what it meant but that was okay, it’s kind of an inside joke. Zayn and Perrie were sitting at the other end of the table enjoying themselves quietly away from the rest of us. They usually did that. Zayn was quiet until you got to know him like we did. And perrie was just her own person. They can be the center of attention and not know it because they’re in their own little world. Lunch went by rather quickly and so did the rest of the day. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Only a week ago we had made plans to go to the movies, and now we had the girls of our dreams. When I got home, I went upstairs and sat in my room. I was thinking about Claire; abd of all the possibilities we have. Then I had the same vision of Claire in a white dress but this time Liam, Danielle, Perrie, Zayn, Hanaa, Louis, Niall, and Ashley join us. For some reason I wasn’t in the best mood so I threw a pillow at the wall. Sometimes after I get a vision no matter what it is I’m not in a good mood. Was I seeing our future? Were we supposed to get married? Was everyone else going to get married? I couldn’t explain it but I knew we had a good future, I just didn’t know what that one vision meant. I decided to go downstairs and watch a movie with the lads. We never could decide which one to watch but this time I think they would all agree. When I got downstairs I ran into the room and yelled into the intercom, “EVERYONE MEET ME IN THE THEATRE ROOM! NIALL GET SOME POPCORN! LOUIS GET THE DRINKS! LIAM GET THE CHCOLATE! ZAYN, uhhhh, HELP ME PICK A MOVIE!” Once i had said that we all raced down from our rooms and almost tumbled down the stairs. We have so much fun when one of us wants to watch a movie. I saw Niall making popcorn, Liam was getting out the stash of chocolate, and Louis was trying to balance all 5 drinks in his arms. Him and Niall ran into each other and everything dumped onto Liam.  “Guys! Danielle got me this shirt!” “Sorry mate. You should’ve been watching where you were going!” Louis said in a sarcastic tone and Niall started eating the popcorn and laughing. I met Zayn outside the closet behind the theatre room and he already had about 10 different movies picked out. One was The Incredibles, or Titanic, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. I picked out Bed Time Stories, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians, Harry Potter, and Twilight. Once all of us were gathered in front of the screen we took a vote on which movie to watch. Of course Liam voted for the toy stories, I couldn’t choose between The Incredibles or Twilight. I wasn’t paying attention to know what anyone else voted for but Louis yelled, “Twilight it is!” we sat down to watch it and throughout the whole movie I was worried about Claire. She wasn’t replying and I think the lads understood my look and we all texted her once in a while. I said, “Did you fall asleep again? I don’t care how long it is, just text me back when you can. How’s your leg? Love you babe :)” I blushed as I sent it and Louis elbowed me and winked. By the time the movie was over it was time for dinner. Niall had eaten most of the popcorn so the rest of us were hungry for dinner. Liam even wanted some even though he had eaten all of his chocolate. I got a text back from Claire and replied as soon as I saw it. I don’t think she was expecting me to reply that fast. She told me she invited Hanaa over to watch the Lizard of Oz and she had fallen asleep. After a few minutes I had fallen asleep too since all we could do was watch movies when we were on our break. I had a short conversation with Claire when Hanaa texted me saying she had fallen asleep again. I figured since Hanaa was there, Claire was taking it easy. I found out soon after we left the hospital that she had a hard time doing anything the easy way. I made a dinner for myself with some leftovers in the fridge from lunch that we had gone out to eat and went upstairs. I was full from dinner so the normally short walk up to my room seemed to go on forever. I was so tired I almost fell down on the stairs and fell asleep right there. Luckily Louis came up behind me and balanced me. We walked to my room and I didn’t even put my head down before my eyes shut and I was out for the night.

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