Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


18. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 17


Chapter 17- Surgeries and Hospital Stays

Doctors and nurses were called to the side of the stretcher. I caught up to them rather easily, and put my hand on Claire’s as they put an oxygen mask on her. We ran through the halls and after what seemed like forever, we went into another little room, a sign in it said it was a surgery room. It didn’t take long to hook Claire up to the machines they needed to do tests on her. They saw her ankle was bleeding and I was taken out of the room. I paced around in the hallway until they were done. It took a few hours but they were done. I looked up and was told to sit in a chair to hear the news. “We figured out pretty quickly that Claire’s ankle was bleeding. We stitched that up and it’ll be fine soon, maybe in a week or two. Until then she will need a walking boot or a cast. It took us a little while to figure out why she wasn’t responding. We didn’t need to numb her leg or anything before we put in stitches, and we usually have to. She was awake for a few minutes and we were trying to ask her things and hold objects in front of her face to see if she would react to anything. There wasn’t any luck. She blacked out after that and we kept running tests. All of the tests were coming up negative, which is a good thing, but it didn’t explain anything, so I was hoping you might. Do you know if Claire has had any traumatic experiences that included blood or water?” I told him what I knew but asked him if he could just keep it to himself. He said he would and said that Claire was probably having a nervous breakdown. “She saw the blood and that reminded her of her mother dying, and she went into a kind of shock. She should be fine within the next few days or so, you on the other hand should go get some sleep.” I couldn’t. Not now. I wanted to be the first one there when she wakes up whether I get sleep or not. I will stay here for her. I followed some nurses into a hospital room and watched as they turned on the oxygen, and a heart rate machine to keep track of her pulse. I must’ve fallen asleep soon after I turned on the TV because when I woke up, the sun was shining through the window and a nurse was in the room next to Claire’s bed. She was fixing the pillow and walked out after she asked me if I needed anything. I told her I didn’t and just as she walked out Louis called me. I answered and heard, “Hey Harry! How’s Claire doing? I’m on my way now with Hanaa. We bought some stuff Hanaa thought would cheer Claire up when she got out of the hospital. How is she?” I answered him as best as I could, “The doctor said her ankle will be fine but she’ll need a walking boot. There isn’t anything wrong with her but she went into a kind of shock because her ankle was bleeding so badly.” I said that and totally forgot that Louis didn’t really know anything about Claire. I heard Hanaa sigh. She knew what I meant. Then Louis asked, “What do you mean she went into shock? Am I missing something?” I heard Hanaa say, “I wasn’t going to tell you since its Claire’s life. But Harry and I know why she went into shock. It’s too hard to explain right now so it might be best if we wait until we’re in the room with Harry. I don’t know exactly what she told him or what he knows but he knows enough to help me tell you.” I thought I heard Claire moving so I sat up and said into the phone, “Lou? I’ll talk to you when you get here. I have to go. Claire might be waking up.” And I inched towards her bed with hope. My hope was gone when she wasn’t moving. It was just my imagination and I met Louis and Hanaa downstairs at the door. I guided them up to Claire’s room and we sat down on the couch. I sat in a chair since I had slept on the couch and wanted to stay awake for the whole time they were here. If we were going to explain this to Louis, I needed all the energy I could get. Hanaa started with, “Louis, I don’t know how to start and I don’t even know where to begin with how hard of a life Claire has had. We both have had tough lives, everyone has in some way, but I also want you to promise you won’t say anything about what we tell you to anyone else.” I’m glad Hanaa was talking because he agreed. We both relaxed a little bit and went on with explaining. I started. “When we were out in the country under the stars, I was able to get Claire to tell me about her mother. She said that when she was four, her mom was at home when some people tried to rob their house. The door was unlocked so they just walked in, but her mom was wondering what was making so much noise. She grabbed a bat just in case and came behind one of the men. She lifted it above her head, ready to swing it, but the second man was behind her. He grabbed the bat and smashed it into her skull. She was dead on impact. When Claire came home from pre-school, she got past a few policemen and ran into the house where her mom was. There was blood everywhere.” I stopped and looked at Hanaa. She was staring off into space and Louis looked at her. I could tell I missed something that happened between them because it was the first time I didn’t understand one of Louis’ looks. Hanaa continued for me, “Every since then our families have been like one family. Her dad needed help with taking care of her sometimes and even now he still needs help paying for Claire to do fun things like go to the movies, or out to eat, or really do anything with her friends. Whenever she goes somewhere, I do too because my parents give me money to pay for both of us. My best guess is that she saw the blood, and freaked out like she does every time she gets a paper cut. Only this time it was real and it’s a little worse than just a cut.” Louis looked from Hanaa to me and back again as if thinking about what we were saying and deciding if it was logical or not. He made up his mind and sat between Hanaa and I on the couch and didn’t have to say anything for us to know that he got what we were saying. I knew he would. We sat in the room almost all day. We had hospital food for lunch, which wasn’t really that bad. At about 3 o’clock they left and I was able to take a nap. I figured if Claire wasn’t awake yet today, she wasn’t going to wake up until tomorrow. I put all of the cards Hanaa and Louis brought with them on the night stand, and dozed off into a restless sleep on the couch.

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