Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


17. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 16


Chapter 16- The Beach

I had picked out a little lake where we could sit around a bonfire and look at the horizon. The colors bounced of the ripples in the water perfectly. It was the way I always imagines something like this to look, and I was with the perfect girl. “It’s breathtaking. The colors, the smell, the look, the feel… I’m speechless.” Were the first words that Claire said when we pulled up. We took off our shoes and held each other’s hand the way we did before behind Hanaa and Louis. The sand was cool on the surface but when you moved it around a little it was the same temperature as the warm air. I picked this beach because of that, and the sand wasn’t hard. It was soft and soothing to walk on. We walked along the edge of the lake for a long time. When we got back to where we started, we started splashing and playing around in the water, Claire said splashing didn’t bother her but I didn’t splash too much just to be sure it wouldn’t. It was almost as if we had started our own little game. We were trying to see who could splash the highest and get the other person the wettest at the same time. I had already planned this entire event out, and walked over to a little area on the beach where I had set up a place to build a fire. I had the fire set and lit and without realizing it I had started singing. I was hoping Claire didn’t recognize my voice even though she knew who I was. Claire had joined in a harmony with some of the songs and before we knew it, we were wrapped in each other’s arms, looking over the lake with the faint glow of the flames on our faces. “Harry, can I ask you something?” I heard Claire ask. “Anything.” “Earlier, when we heard Louis and Hanaa talking, what did he mean by you’ve been going through some hard times?”  I took a moment to think about this, I was expecting the question but I still needed to think. It almost seemed like Claire was scared or worried that she had done something, but I looked into her eyes and moved a golden curl away from her face so I could see her eyes clearly in the moonlight. She did love me right? She has told me all of her problems, fears, and worries, shouldn’t I do the same? She reached up and brushed my hair out of my face and said, “Tonight is your night. Don’t worry about me. You talk about you. Take your time. If we’re here all night, tomorrow is Sunday. We’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow night.” She winked at me and I began talking, but started with a question I thought was just in my head, “How can you be so understanding?” with a shy smile on her face. She was trying her best to look serious, and I could see the meaningfulness of her words behind a little smile that crept onto her face without her realizing it, “Because I love you.” My heart jumped. She had said it back to me. I finally got to hear her say it out loud. I decided it was good to start from the beginning so I did, “Well you know by now that I am in a band. Our band’s name is One Direction. When we were on the x-factor UK is where we first met. We auditioned as solo artists and had only seen each other once or twice before on stage. The week before the judge’s house was instead of the big auditorium, they called all of us off the show. I was devastated. I wanted more than anything to win that show. But before the night was over, me, Lou, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were called into a room at the back of the stage along with 4 other girls I believe, maybe it was 5. Simon told us we were being put in a band with each other for the rest of the competition. It was one of the best things to ever happen to me. All of us got along really well from the beginning. But ever since we’ve been a band, I’ve gotten more stage fright. There have been a few cases when my nerves got the best of me and I messed up a solo in a song or I was sick and still went on stage. Recently it’s been getting worse and I don’t know how to handle it. It’s a stupid fear really but it’s becoming a problem.”  She listened very closely and made every word sink into her head. She gave me the best advice ever when I heard her say, “No fear is a stupid one. They all came from somewhere and must be faced. If we live our life in fear, there’s no chance of living, finding love, or succeeding.” I thought about it and realized she was right. “Your right and I think I just thought of a cure.” I know I must be crazy for doing this but, Danielle has come with us on tours before, and I’m sure Louis would invite Hanaa now that I’ve made up my mind to invite Claire, and she said, “I’m listening. What is it?” I couldn’t keep from smiling at the thought of seeing Claire behind every stage at every concert in every tour, or in the crowd, always in the front row. I had this in mind when I asked, “How would you like to come to the concerts?” Shock spread over her face and screamed at me, “YES! If it means being with you every day, I’ll come!” the words flew out of her mouth and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she did want to come, and I might not be so nervous at shows anymore. I laughed and gave her a kiss. It was perfect timing because just then it started raining. I felt Claire pull away from me and get up before I knew it was raining. I pulled her close to me by the wrist and finished our kiss. It was a passionate kiss in the rain with the love of my life. Nothing was better than this. We stood there for a while in a tight hug. Claire sniffled and said we should get inside the car before one of us ended up sick. I agreed with her and we started walking. We hadn’t walked very far when Claire tripped. I was yelling at her, trying to help her up, but the rain was so heavy it wasn’t working. I picked her up and whispered, “Claire, everything will be fine, you’re going to be fine. I’m going to drive you to a hospital to have your ankle looked at. I was crying and trying not to show it. I was also trying to convince myself that she would be fine, and that I didn’t have to worry about her. When we got to the car, I saw how badly her ankle was bleeding. I helped her sit down and buckled her in. she was still conscious so that was good. She hasn’t been responding to anything I said so far so I don’t know what to do. Possibilities of what could happen overwhelmed me, but that didn’t slow me down. I closed her door and ran to my side of the car. It still felt weird to be driving an American car but I can get to where I need too. I pushed the button so the overhead lights would turn on and I could see what had really happened to Claire’s ankle, but there was too much blood and I couldn’t see the other side of her leg. I looked up at Claire to see if she was alright. “Of course she isn’t, she just tripped and cut her ankle!” I whispered angrily out loud to myself. I could tell she was in pain so I asked if she was or not. She didn’t answer so I grabbed her hand and made sure she stayed conscious. I knew that was important. I needed to keep myself from panicking. I was doing well so far, at least I think I was. I ran over what had happened in my head. Claire and I were messing around on the beach, we started singing by the fire, we kissed in the rain, we started walking, it didn’t seem like there was anything in the sand that was sharp; or anything at all. I sped around corners and through some parking lots and called Louis. “Louis? I need your help. I was on the beach with Claire when it started down pouring. She cut her ankle on something and I’m driving her to the emergency room. Can you tell Hanaa so she can let her family know?” Louis paused for a second and I realized it wasn’t Louis. He was with Hanaa and she answered for him. I heard her scream into the phone, “What do you mean she cut her ankle? Harry what’s happening? Where are you? Is she okay? Is Claire still awake?” I heard the panic in her voice. Claire was like her sister after all. “Hanaa everything is fine. Claire is awake but she looks like she’s in a lot of pain. I’m driving to the emergency room because her ankle is bleeding badly and I don’t have a way to stop it. I’ve tried talking to her but she won’t answer anything I say. I don’t know what’s wrong and the only thing I can think of is taking her to a doctor right away.” When we stopped at a red light, I kissed Claire. Her face was cold. The rest of her skin was too. I knew it was only a little bit farther to the hospital but I was scared it was too late. I hung up the phone after Hanaa passed the phone to Louis and I explained what was going on again. Once we arrived, I parked in the fire lane. I didn’t care if I had to pay a fine for it, Claire was dying and she needed help. I got out as fast as I could and ran to her side of the car. I threw open the door, took off the seatbelt, wrapped my jacket around her ankle to try and stop the bleeding, or at least keep it from going all over the place, and carried Claire through the door. I was so relieved when the waiting room wasn’t full. I ran into a nurse when I came in and she escorted me into another little room. When the doctor showed up he took our names, and asked me what happened while he looked at Claire’s ankle. She couldn’t sit up so I set her down on the bed. Slowly the doctor un-wrapped my jacket from the wound and said I came just in time. They put Claire on a stretcher and left me chasing them through the hospital.

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