Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


16. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 15


Chapter 15- I Love You and a Double Date

She looked at me with an expression I’ve never seen on her face before, and I had a second of regret of what I said. But I meant it, I do love her. I closed my eyes and was about to tell Claire I was going to get some water when she kissed me. I figured it meant she loved me back and I relaxed from the stiff feeling I had. When she looked up, she was looking at the door. Louis and Hanaa were standing in the doorway with looks that both approved and disapproved us kissing in my room. Claire whispered to me so no one could hear it but me, “I love you too.” I could feel my cheeks burning and turn red, I was blushing. Louis saw and said, “Hey Harry how’s it going over there?” Hanaa started giggling and Claire’s cheeks were scarlet, but she joined in with her own little laughs. Louis and Hanaa took a really long walk towards us and sat in the middle, separating Claire and I. When they did I grabbed Claire’s hand and laced our fingers together. Louis turned to me and said, “We would like to go on a double date,” Hanaa faced Claire and finished the thought for him, “Would you two love birds like to come with us or should we take Liam and Danielle?” Louis winked at me and I leaned forward to see Claire’s face as she leaned forward to see mine. We nodded at each other and Claire said, “As long as Harry and I don’t have to be separated by you two, I’m okay with it.” Louis turned to me and only a look I would know said, “You better not leave us out of your conversations. I know you said you love her.” But then Louis said, “It’s a date! Let’s go Hanaa; we should give Hazza some privacy with his girlfriend.” And he winked at Claire. We talked for a few more minutes about random stuff and finally got on our way. Hanaa and Louis were ready to go and from what we heard, talking about us. Claire stopped me so we could listen for a few seconds, I heard some of what Hanaa said but it sounded like, “They are perfect, don’t you think?” Louis replied, “It seems they are, Harry’s had some tough times lately and it sounds like Claire has too. I think they make a perfect match.” After the sentence ended, we ran into the room, and shouted, “WE’RE HERE!” and started laughing like crazy. We danced around the room until all of our energy ran out of us and Claire and Hanaa wanted to go. I drove my car with Claire, and Hanaa went with Louis. My plan for just us to be on a date was changed, but we went to the same places. Claire directed me to a nice little restaurant on the outskirts of town and chose to be seated in a booth. The waitress we had was from France and had a very thick accent. Louis knew I had recognized it and we laughed when we realized her accent. He let me order in her language to make it easier for her to understand and Claire looked impressed. “What language was that?” I smiled and replied to her, “The language of love.” and kissed her. I think she knew I meant French since Paris is supposedly the ‘City of love’.  I swear every time I feel her kiss, it warms my heart and I forget the past, present, and future. I’m stuck in the moment with Claire. I hope she didn’t feel my heart racing and remembered she’s human and not an angel of perfection sent just for me, so I could learn how to love, and to live with one person. When I looked up, the waitress had arrived with our food. It smelled delicious. I had ordered steak; Claire got chicken Alfredo, I think she was still worried about making me spend too much on her; Hanaa’s food was her favorite; macaroni and cheese, Louis ordered something that he said tasted better than it looked. We all laughed when he got it because his face said “What the heck did you just put in front of me?”  Everyone enjoyed their food and was extremely happy I was fluent in French. At some point after a few minutes of an almost awkward silence, Louis started a game. You ask any person at the table a random question and they have to answer it honestly and without laughing. It lasted a pretty long time, but we had to stop because the people in the next booth over were complaining about our loudness. Then we decided to pack up our leftover food and hit the road. It was sunset. The sky was a brilliant array of colors. It was filled with reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and every other color between. It reminded me of Claire’s eyes, the different shades of browns and greens, how nice and caring she could be despite all the pain she’s been through. I told her I had one last thing planned before I was going to drop her off.  

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