Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


14. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 13


Chapter 13

I led Claire through the many twists and turns of the maze of our mansion and we stopped at a pair of double doors. “You ready?” I asked. Claire said, “Well if it’s like the rest of your house, no I’m not ready at all.” She said it with a little sarcasm and opened the doors. I watched Claire as she stopped. The pool was 20 feet deep. It had a low dive and a high dive. There was a hot tub next to it that was the size of two cars. The pool was at least 60 feet long. When Hanaa saw us she called Claire over and gave her swimsuit to her. She guided Claire towards the bathroom and I watched, dreaming about how the rest of the day would go. There were a few stalls in there, and it was on the other side of the guy’s bathroom, so I heard Claire and Hanaa talking as they changed. “Claire this is a big pool. Are you sure you want to be in here?” I was puzzled at first because this was Hanaa talking, I know they’re best friends but I thought Hanaa would’ve told Louis something about it if one of them was afraid of something in our house, but I heard Claire say, “I know it sounds ridiculous but…I want to try to face my fear because I don’t want Harry to know about it. I don’t want to ruin his plans for today because the day has been going so perfectly. If I’m not fine I give you permission to tell them about my fear. And I know you’ll know when I’m really not okay.” Claire finished changing quickly and went out into the pool area with Hanaa. Louis and I complimented both of them; they looked amazing in their bathing suits. We gave each of our girlfriends a quick kiss and jumped in. Hanaa jumped in after we did but I saw Claire go around to the stairs. I could see she was cold and afraid. Goosebumps had already formed on the surface of her skin and I was trying to pretend I didn’t hear her or Hanaa when they were talking. I tried my best to be a shark swimming towards her and she stalled a second by laughing at me but I was trying to make her laugh so I didn’t mind. I rose up out of the water right at the base of the stairs, grabbed her hand, and said, “Miss you look a little lonely, would you like to have a swim with me?” I said it in the best American accent I have ever tried and she replied, “Yes sir I would.” I glanced at Hanaa who looked just as nervous as I think Claire felt. I helped Claire slip into the pool with ease. It was only 3 feet deep. I wanted to stay in the shallow end for Claire’s sake. We stayed by the side for a while in the shallow end then Niall suggested we swim around and have a jumping contest. My ideas don’t work when my plans do. Hanaa waded over to Claire and asked, “Do you want me to say something? That board is really high up and you can’t swim. I’ll regret it if something happened to you up there.” I heard Claire quickly respond, “No. Harry is down here and so are you. I just don’t want to think about it. It’s like jumping off a trampoline but ending in clear icy liquid that can fill your body, suffocate you, and…” She stopped herself with tears in her eyes. Hanaa finished the sentence for her, like she had heard this sentence a million times, “Kill you… Claire you don’t have to do this. No one is making you.” She told her she would and we caught up with the boys at the deep end. It was 20 feet. Liam was the first to jump. He jumped straight into the pool like a pencil and almost hit the bottom. I wasn’t impressed. Niall went off next, and did a massive belly flop. The wave was big but I’m determined to beat it. I pulled Claire close to me and hugged her before it was my turn to jump. I saw Claire as I got up and I think she was watching the muscles in my arms as I pulled myself up onto the cement around the water. It was stunning how easy it was for me. I never realized it was until then. Once at the top, I blew Claire a kiss and jumped. I felt myself falling, and enjoyed every second of it. I did a few flips and smacked into the water but landed on my feet. I landed safely, making the biggest wave Claire has ever seen. I smiled when I came up by her side. I whispered, “Your turn,” and then kissed her hoping she would be okay to jump on her own. I feel like I should go up with her but I’m not supposed to know that she’s afraid of water. 

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