Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


12. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 11


Chapter 11- My Mansion

Her face was still frozen with shock when we stepped inside. I smiled at her. She isn’t used to being around this much stuff or this big of a house. I took her on a tour of the house and with each room she got a little bit more surprised but seemed to realize that this was my normal. I showed her the living room and the game room. We had electronics everywhere. When I got to the theatre room I could tell she was impressed. We have candy, drinks, food, chips, nachos, icees, chocolate, everything. There are 15 extra bedrooms and each one has a full bathroom. In each of the main rooms there are half bathrooms. We had an indoor pool, a few tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, an indoor gym, a hot tub, and a pool. We could enjoy the sun out on the deck in the lawn chairs, or get a little wet and swim. it really was like paradise. Even back home in Holmes Chapel I never thought I would end up in a place like this, or have this kind of life, but it worked out pretty well. I can guess how Claire feels but I don’t think I’ll ever completely understand her. I don’t think she’ll ever completely understand me either. We come from two different worlds that don’t usually collide. I hope our two worlds will go together just fine and stay that way forever and ever. I guess she was a little surprised when we came into the dining room. The table had the nicest set of plates and silverware you could ever see and she looked like she was scared to touch them. I laughed at the thought of Claire making a glass shatter with the touch of a finger and moved on into other parts of the house. I took her into the library and didn’t realize how many books were really there. It was packed from wall to wall and floor to ceiling of just about every kind of book there is. There wasn’t any way to organize the books so you could find anything on the shelf you were looking at. Just barely past the library, one of the big staircases leads almost directly to my room. All of our bedrooms were upstairs, mine and Louis’ were right next to each other. Niall, Liam, and Zayn chose theirs depending on what it was closest too. Niall had a secret door that opened a set of stairs to the kitchen, Liam’s room had a fireman’s pole that slid into the library, and Zayn was just fine with his room having a bathroom in it. I said “in this house there are 15 extra guest bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 15 half bathrooms, over 100 windows, and 5 main living areas.” Claire was stunned for a second then I kissed her and went upstairs. I could imagine the boys asking her questions as soon as I left, but I left the thought alone and headed into my bathroom to get ready for the day.  “We are the band One Direction. We have girls screaming all over the world and couldn’t believe it when we found out your school knew nothing about us. All of us are singers and Niall plays guitar in some of our songs. Have you never heard of our single What Makes You Beautiful or our first album Up All Night?” I heard Liam tell Claire this and wondered what they had said to her. I also heard Claire’s answer, “I’ve heard of them a couple of times but I didn’t know that was you guys. It’s not bad that I don’t know right?” They looked at each other happily and smiled. Zayn said it’s not bad at all. It just means she’s not a crazy fan girl who was trying to get a date with Harry Styles then tweet or post secret pictures all day long. She told them that she noticed me staring at me in class then Hanaa said they should sit with us at lunch to see if we needed any help. Just then I walked in. I went up to Claire, kissed her, and asked if the guys were bothering her. Claire told me they weren’t and she went outside to wait for me while I talked to them a few minutes. After I made sure Claire had completely left the room before anyone of us even made a noise and began, “What did you all talk about while I was getting ready?” Zayn started talking first and said, “Liam asked her if she knew anything about us. She got us all to quiet down and he told her we were in a band with an album out and a few singles.” They could tell I was thinking and Louis chimed in, “But she didn’t know anything. Neither did Hanaa but last night we talked too. She told me about her rough times.” I was still thinking but responded, “Claire told me about her troubles too. She’s got a lot of them and I didn’t really want to tell her about this until she had come here and I was ready to tell her myself. Thank you Liam for telling her but, I don’t think she’ll believe it until she hears it from me. Her father said it’s hard for her to trust people even though she worries about others so much. I can’t believe how selfless she is or how kindhearted. I was trying to think of a casual way to bring up the subject.” Liam looked a little sorry and said, “Sorry mate, I didn’t know you were planning it. You might as well tell her soon so she doesn’t start asking questions about it.” I know I should but I still don’t know how to bring it up. I was expecting Claire to be right outside the door when I walked out but she wasn’t I heard her talking on the phone on the driveway instead. “Yes I’m fine. Harry drove me out to the country side and we stared up at the stars for a while before I started talking.” At this moment I came out of the house silently, listening in on the conversation while hiding behind a car in the driveway. “I told him my parents always fought and how she was killed and that it still bothers me because I know they are still out there. And that your mom found her and what my dad said and he was so sweet. We just laid on the grass until morning and he kissed me before we went to sleep and his face was wet with tears. The only other person I’ve told is him and for a few minutes it seemed like he understood, like he got my pain and was able to feel like I did and see the world through my eyes. No one’s ever done that but you because you lived it with me.” Hanaa thought for a second then said, “Claire I think you’re in love.” I couldn’t hear Hanaa’s end of the conversation as well but I could almost understand what she was saying by what Claire said to her after she spoke. Claire asked, “How do you know?” she seemed a little alarmed and leaned against Liam’s car to make sure she wasn’t going to fall. I started smiling because I already knew I loved her. I just wanted to be sure that she loved me too. Hanaa answered, “I don’t have to be with you to picture your face and the look in your eye. I am your best friend, I have lived your life and mine at the same time but I don’t mind. Even if it’s not me, you can tell just by looking at your smile.” Claire was still freaking out a little and asked, “What about Harry? Can you tell if he feels the same way?” I heard Claire ask with honest curiosity. “I’m sure he does from what Louis tells me. You two are meant to be together. It’s like fate brought you someone like Harry and me someone like Louis to help us go through life.” I saw her smile, shrug, and laugh at the same time. She said, “Yeah. I guess fate was right.” 

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