Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


11. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 10


Chapter 10- In the Morning

I woke up and moved a little. Claire felt it and woke up. In my morning voice I said, “Good morning beautiful, ready for breakfast?” and gave her a very toothy grin. She looked a little confused and I laughed while I was helping her up. The country air smelled fresh and so did the flowers that were growing a few feet away. “I was expecting us to be here all night so I packed us some snacks until we could get back home. I hope you don’t mind.” I looked at her worriedly. “No, I don’t. I’m not much of a morning person.” I was relieved and noticed something wrong. “It’s Saturday! I have to be at my job by 9!” Claire started rushing around and getting into the car when I caught her by the elbow, “Don’t worry about it. I came over to your house and explained everything I had planned today to your father. He called in saying you were sick today and wouldn’t make it.” then she shouted into the open space, “I don’t believe it. I haven’t had a day off of work before!” and she kissed me, jumped up and down while she was clapping, and screamed, “My first day off of work!” We got into the car once again and drove off. The whole way back we played this little game called red light. Liam and Danielle played and so did Zayn and Perrie. The rules are simple, every time the car stops at a red light, you kiss. When we got back to Claire’s house, she realized she had forgotten her phone. She told me I could come in with her or wait in the car while she got changed and ready. I decided to come in and sit with her father. He smiled to himself and he knew my plan for the night had worked. But he could tell I was a little shaken. “So Harry, now that you know about her mother, has anything changed?” I gave him a solid answer, “No sir. Claire is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and something in the past I might not ever completely understand, won’t keep me from her.” I had sat in the chair I sat in yesterday. I could tell he likes the answers I give him. “Good. Next question, how many girls have you dated before?” I was surprised by the question and he sort of threw me off guard. “I’ve dated a few other girls. Only because they asked me out. I’ve never asked a girl out until now.” It was my turn to surprise him this time and he showed it too. Now I know where Claire gets her different facial expressions from. I thought I heard Claire coming down the stairs and called her name. I told her I had plans for the whole day. Most of it will just be the two of us, but some will end up being with the boys and maybe Hanaa if she’s there. We went outside and back into my car. Claire must’ve realized we weren’t in town anymore because she asked where we were going. I told her we were going to stop at my house so I can get ready for the day, and then I want to take her out to brunch. I just forgot that she didn’t know who I was so it would be strange for her to see where I lived and believe I was just an ordinary person. Once we arrived, Claire looked up and froze. The boys all ran out to greet us and almost tackled me in the process. I realized Claire wasn’t going to move any time soon so I laughed and picked her up.  I carried her through the big double doors that lead to the main part of the house. I tried putting myself in her shoes and I saw how big it was. From coming from a family with very little to coming to this places, it was a big change, and a shock to know that you know someone who could ever have this. It was tall, neat; it had a few big stair cases, and a lot of extra rooms. Sometimes I wish I could have a smaller house but whenever we take a break from a tour we don’t pick the house. We can say what we want but management always picks the house and we have to live there or keep going with the tour. We don’t usually bring anyone to the house either but this time we have exceptions. Hanaa has been here a couple times already I think but this is the first time I’ve brought Claire here. We haven’t passed up a break yet and I don’t think we ever will unless we feel like we really need to skip the break. If you just look at it, you see the word “castle” and look around in awe at the size of the massive building. It was big at that word fits it perfectly.

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