Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


2. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 1


Chapter 1- First Day of School

        At the beginning of the day I woke up late. I live with Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn and we all drive to school together. We have been on quite a few tours lately, and found this little town and decided to try and go to school for a while. Life in a band is crazy so it’s nice to find a place to stay once in a while. My alarm clock didn’t go off and I set it early so I would have time to get over my nerves of starting in a new school. Niall yelled into our house’s intercom, “Dude wake up! We’ve got to get to school!” I sat straight up and yelled, “Thanks!” back at him. I ran across the room into my bathroom and took a quick shower. I let my hair dry the way it was and got dressed. I put on a plain white v-neck t-shirt and a pair of my favorite blue jeans. I stepped into a new pair of white vans and headed downstairs. The boys were eating breakfast and I joined them with just enough time to grab some toast and leave. We hopped into the car and Louis drove too slowly. He isn’t used to American cars and road rules yet. All of us are just happy we weren’t pulled over again. Our drive was one that felt long. We were stopped at almost every red light possible so we got to school a little late. Our class was a little hard to find so we walked in just after the first bell rang to start the day. I sat down at a desk and waited for the teacher to start talking. As soon as I sat down I looked up, and I saw them. Two of the prettiest girls I had ever seen were looking in this direction. I looked over at Louis who saw them too. He pointed at the girl with straight black hair and mouthed the words, “She’s hot.” I pointed at the one next to her and mouthed the same thing. We laughed to each other and the teacher told us to get into a circle with our desks so we could all introduce ourselves. It was the first day of the year and already people were groaning. We did what we were told and we lazily said our names. I hadn’t paid much attention until it got to the girl I was starring at, I think her name was Claire. Louis said her friend’s name was Hanaa. The day went by quickly. Before I knew it, I had sat through every class with Claire in them. She turned to look at me while attempting to look casual. Hanaa was in most of them and I guessed they were best friends. Claire came over to sit with us at lunch. I got a look that said, “Here comes your crush! No pressure!” from all of the boys. She was trying to have a conversation with all of us by giving us directions and information about the teachers we had. At some point Hanaa came over. I didn’t notice but we gave Louis the same look I got. Just to make sure they weren’t over here to get our autograph or something, we asked them questions like, “Do you know who we are?” and “Have you ever heard of us?” Claire and Hanaa looked at each other questionably and said “No, should we?” We pretended we didn’t hear the last part and kept talking. At the end of the day I went up to Claire and asked for her phone number. I was expecting to have to wait a second for her to write it down but she pulled a piece of paper out of her notebook and handed it to me. She was looking at me and I asked her if we could hang out sometime. She didn’t hear me and said, “Sorry, what did you say?” I looked into her eyes and looked away. “I’ll text you when I get home.”  I quickly turned around and left her standing there. I kind of felt bad about that but I wanted to get home and I knew the boys weren’t going to wait for me to join them before they drove off without me. When I walked outside I remembered I had my own car here so I could’ve stayed there with Claire and ask her out again. Instead I found my car and hopped into. I drove home during my free period with Louis and drove my car back. I thought I beat everyone home but I was wrong. When I opened the big front doors to the mansion we lived in, I ran through the door and had a mini celebration. I got out my homework and started working on it when I remembered I told Claire I would text her. I texted her saying, “hey” She replied with, “eyh” and I figured she had just typed too fast. I laughed at it and said, “I hope that means hey :)” we talked about school for a couple hours. It was our first conversation, what else is expected? Before I knew it, it was dinner time and I ended the conversation with, “:) I’ll see you tomorrow” and went to go eat. 

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