Teardrops fall

Natasha is bullied. Every day. All day. And all she wishes for is a way to escape it all...
© Kate Macleod


2. The school run

"Natasha! Hurry up!" My mum shouted from the front door. I shoved the last spoonful of cornflakes into my mouth, and swung my checked rucksack over my shoulder.

Time for another day at school. Oh joy of joys.

Silently, I watched the familiar views of my school journey go past, as I slumped down in my seat. For me, it was impossible to feel happy about going to school. Sometimes I got really depressed and started cutting my wrists, but my mum caught me one night, lying on my bed in my pyjamas, and sent me to see a therapist. Like they were any use. I told her most of my problems (which was hard enough), but all she wanted to do was talk, and talk, and talk. About them. About me. I suppose thats what she's paid to do, but I prefer to keep myself to myself most of the time. I guess that's why I'm alone.

The school fields gently rolled up to our car. Fear and dread clenched my stomach, but I pushed them away. Just remember, it's not your fault, it's theirs. You've done nothing wrong. That gave me just about enough confidence to get out the car.

"You alright love?"

"Yeah mum, I'm fine". The pain clouded in her eyes. She could tell I wasn't. But I hadn't told her why yet.

"Bye then, darling." She blew me a kiss, and my cheeks flushed with embarassment. I turned round and hurried away, into the dangerous jungle called school.


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