Teardrops fall

Natasha is bullied. Every day. All day. And all she wishes for is a way to escape it all...
© Kate Macleod


1. The Pain of it All

Tears stung my face, as I buried it in my duvet. This wasn't the first time they had bullied me. Teasing, shoving, spitting, but worst of all were the rumours. They weren't constant, like the remarks that got thrown at me, but they... they shattered me. Every time, the blow of realisation bent and broke my life and turned it upside down.

It started with Sheena, we had hated each other since primary school. It had never come to any harm though, until Lauren came. She joined our school at the start of third year. Sheena took this chance to tell her everything about me... well, everything she made up about me. I suddenly became the one who bullied her, who hurt her, who made fun of her. I was the one who gossiped about my friends behind their back. The backstabbing one.....
I opened my eyes, and the vision of my messy room flooded in. The purple walls were dull and dreary, and I just wanted to huddle back into the peaceful world of my bed-covers again, and never, ever come out.

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