Teardrops fall

Natasha is bullied. Every day. All day. And all she wishes for is a way to escape it all...
© Kate Macleod


3. Maths

"Haaaayyyyyyyy it's Tasha!!!!" Some boys shoved past me, laughing. David, the tallest, turned round. "Why the heck did you go and do it again? It's just plain mean!" "Aye, mean!" The rabble shouted. What was going on? "And as if you could do a thing to her! Everybody hates you, Natasha, just remember that!" Somebody said, before they stalked off. I stood there, shaken. I knew everybody hated me, but there was no need to say it to my face, was there??? And what was even going on? I kept my head down, and walked to maths. There was only a few more of these remarks as I made my way. I chose to ignore them, I mean, what could I have done last night that was so bad? As far as I can remember, I cycled round the park and spent the rest of the time in my bedroom, crying. The bell rang and we walked into the classroom. Mrs Davidson stood at the window. "Hold it, everyone!" She screeched, "we're swapping seats!" Murmurs and groans spread around the classroom. A lump came to my throat. Until now I'd been sitting with Alison, a quiet enough girl, and we never spoke. "There's a seating plan at the front table, sit where your meant to, and no fuss!!" I edged my way forward and peered at the sheet, sellotaped to the desk. Oh great. My name was written in block capitals, at the back table. Next to Matt. And Sheena.

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