one direction fanfics

comment below of the girls name, band member, girls hair color,eye color and setting.


2. niall+erin

    I was walking on the beach trying to find a spot. i bump into this guy and my stuff falls all over the place. "shit" i yelled. "sorry love,here let me help you." i stand up to see a hot blonde haired boy. "oh...ummm.....t-thanks." i hope i didnt look like an idiot. i bend down to grab my towel and my hand touched his. I blushed. I finished grabbing my stuff and i stood back up. "do you need a spot to set up? you can sit with me if you want?" he had a thick irish accsent. -Nialls POV- I couldnt stop staring into her eyes. she had beautiful bright blue eyes and long brown hair. I asked her if she wanted to sit with me. i got nervus. I hope she dosent think im a creep. She smiled at me "ya sure i would love to!" I smiled like a comeplete idiot. I walked her to my spot where i was set up. I put down her blanket and put up her umbrella. she dragged her cooler and i helped her. i tried to start a conversation. "so umm whats your name?" "My name is erin." "thats a pretty name, its as pretty as you." -erins POV- I was blushing so hard. "so whats your name blondie?" he laughed "names niall" "cute name" i said sitting on my blanket. We talked for hours and hours. he was really nice and he had quite the appitite. I was packing my stuff and putting it in my car. When i finished packing i walked over to niall."Niall i really had a fun time. thankyou." I gave him a hug. He was a good hugger. He let go and before you know it he kissed me passionetly. I kissed back. His hands when up and down my waist and my hands went to his hair. We both pulled back. "Umm Erin?" "ya" "can i ask you a question?" "sure" "Will you be my girlfriend?" i smiled "absolutly!" And that is how me and your father met kids. 

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