one direction fanfics

comment below of the girls name, band member, girls hair color,eye color and setting.


3. Harry+Chrissy


           -harrys POV- Im on vacation in paris. I feel very lonley. Im in the city of love and the girl of my dreams should be with me right now. I turn my head and ther i see her. The girl of my dreams. Her hair is bonde with blue and brown streaks. Her eyes are blueish greenish. Shes beautiful. She was sitting on a bench facing me. i walk up to her and sit next to her. I hold out my hand "Harry but you can call me the guy of your dreams.'' -Chrissys POV- Im sitting on a bench in paris and this cute brown curly hair boy. "Harry but you can call me the guy of your dreams." I blushed "um hi im chrissy" he scooched closer to me. "Your name is beautiful,just like you." He was british. SCORE!! i love british boys."Thanks harry. i love your accsent." he blushed and smiled. "we should talk more often, heres my number, call me." Harry winked at me and kissed me on the check and he pulled back and then leaned in to my lips. hes a really good kisser. I kiss him back. We pulled back and i gave him my number. The next day i got a text from harry it said "will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and texted back "yes" -authers note- im sorry rhis is short and cheesy but its eleven at night and im really tired. I'll write more tommarow.

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