Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


22. Chapter Twenty-Two

I awoke next to Harry. Our legs entwined in the spooning position. I turned my head to see his dark curls sprawled gloriously around his face, is breathing heavy. Hot gusts of air blew in my face, making the tendrils of hair that had escaped fly past my face.

My head turned back around, sub-consciously biting my lip concentrating. I took pauses trying to break free from his grasp, my sight never leaving him. I managed to remove them without waking him, his fingers would twitch every now and then, not wanting to lose me.

My feet lightly padded out of the room and down to the kitchen. Frostiness lingered in the air making me shiver to retain the warmth that I had left. I crossed and clutched my arms walking over to the cupboard that was fixed to the wall above the worktop.

I lifted my leg on the worktop, lifting the rest of my body, supporting myself holding onto the sleek sliver bar that acted as a handle.

The door opened, making my back arch, my hand slipping away. I cursed quietly as my other hand tried to grab onto something. My fingers gave way to the weight that was being forced upon them, I fell, hitting my head on the wooden table before being unable to move on the cold tiles.

Loud thumps came bounding down the stairs above me. Harry walked into the kitchen completely naked.


He fell to his knees next to me.

"Alex, Alex" Harry shook me violently

His words circled my head, fading in and out. Everything around me started to turn dark. Muffles was all that was going into my ears. Everything turned pitch black, I could feel my body being shaken but unable to move. Lips grazed against my ear as hot air was being blown into them, he was shouting but I couldn't hear it.

I could feel his skin brush against my bare stomach. He had only dressed me in a bra and a pair of his boxers. He picked up my lifeless body and hugged it tight, gently rocking me still sitting on the floor. Curls tickled my face as his lips pressed in the crook of my neck, not letting go.

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