Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

My eyes flickered open.

"Oh Alex"

Harry held me to his naked body. I was reluctant to be led in his arms, wanting to get up and leave but physically to weak to move. My head dropped to his shoulder as I let out a huff.

"The boy's asked if we want to go out for dinner?"

I was still too weak to move let alone go out for dinner. But in a way I wanted to see Niall and Liam. I relaxed my body into his, completely ignoring the fact that he was naked. I was used to it by now.

I managed to let out a groan to say yes. I felt him nod his head as his fingers buried deep into my mess of a bun, his tips massaging my scalp. I hummed in appreciation until he hit the spot where I had hit. My eyes squeezed together tighter and a loud scream from the back of my neck made him pull away.


My dry lips parted as I tried to produce a word to come out.

"Stay here"

He carefully placed me on the floor, standing up and walking to a cupboard, pulling out a glass. He filled it with water from the tap and walked back over to me, sitting back on the floor and resting me against his chest. He held the glass up to my lips and slightly tilted. Cool water rushed down my throat, easing the pain. I let out a sigh before resting my head back onto his shoulder.

Long arms snaked around my waist pulling my bum against his crotch. Lips were pressed against my neck, vibrations shooting through me as he spoke.

"Do you want to get ready? We have rehearsal again at 3"

He paused after every word, taking a nip at my neck. I nodded my head, starting to come around. His large hands grabbed my rib cage and stood up, pulling me up with him. I stumbled, tripping over my other foot. He caught me just as I was about to tumble.

"You okay?"

I nodded trying to stand on my own two feet. His hands still caressed my upper body, tightening as I walked up the stairs.

"I'm fine, just leave me"

I tried to smack his hands away, clenching onto the handrail.

"No, not yet"

I wiggled to try and get free.

"Alex, stop it. I'll let you go when you are okay"

"I am okay!"

I hung my head as I lifted my feet to the next step, all the way up the stairs. We made it to the bedroom.

"Harry! seriously! I'm fine"

He reluctantly released me. I sat down on the bed, rubbing my forehead with my fingertips. He rummaged through the wardrobe, pulling clothes out and throwing them on the bed.

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