Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

I sat on the sofa while the boy's practiced. My left leg was elevated while my right was firmly on the floor. I stared at the clock, waiting for the time to go by.

"Hey Alex"

Zayn came and sat next to me. I froze in fear.

"How's your knee?"

A brutish grin spread across his face.


He slowly nodded his head. He leaned in closer to my leg, slowly pushing the joggers up. His head dipped, his full lips pressing hard on the bruising.

I winced, and pushed myself up.

"Zayn, stop it!"

I shout whispered not wanting to attract any attention from the boys who were sat on the floor, taking sips from their bottles of water.

"How are you going to make me?"

I grabbed his wrist and dug my nails in the same place as before. He pulled back and let out a snigger, rubbing his wrist with the palm of his other hand.

"You really have to stop doing that"

"You really have to learn not to feel me up all of the time"

I spat through gritted teeth.

"If you don't stop then I am going to tell the rest of the boy's"

I was getting sick and tired of all of his threatening, so I turned it back on him.

"I'm so scared"

He leaned on closer and nipped at my jaw line. I pushed his solid chest away from me. He let out another snigger rubbing his chin with his thumb and index finger, walking away.

My head smacked the arm rest, letting out a sigh.


My head shot up and spun around to the boys. Harry signalled for me to go over to them.

"Im good!"

I let out another sigh, slumping back into the sofa.

"Alex, now!"

I slapped and dragged my hands down my face, sitting up and spinning around. I slowly applied the weight to my legs, pushing more pain out of my knee.

I casually walked over to them, dragging my feet. Harry patted the floor next to him.

Hot, bright lights beamed down onto me, the heat in the atmosphere rapidly increasing compared to the corner I was sat in. I sat awkwardly twiddling my thumbs.

"Why am I over here?"

I remained fixed on my fingers, not looking up at them.

"We didn't want you to be alone"

"I was fine on my own"

My head shot up to look at Niall.

"Zayn said you felt lonely"

I looked at Zayn who was smirking.

"Did he.."

I looked at my fingers again.

"So are you lot done now?"

They all burst in a fit of laughter.

"We're waiting for the choreographer to arrive"

I smacked my face into my palms. Large hands rubbed my back.

"Awwrrr Alex"

They patronised me in baby voices.

"Hi lad's"

"Hi Jack"

My head stayed firmly in place, not wanting to look up.

"Who's this then?"

"This is Alex, my girlfriend"

Harry rubbed my thigh while speaking.


My head peeled away from my hands, confused. My eye's met with his.


I pushed myself up using Harry's shoulder for support and limped over to him, engulfing him in a hug. His signature smell circled him, making me feel more relaxed.

"So, you two know each other?"

Harry sounded a bit defeated, like he wanted me all to himself.

"Yeah, we are kind of best friends"

My eyes stayed fixed on his, not looking at anybody else while speaking.

"Kind of?"

A smile spread on his face, starting to tickle me under my arm pits. I started laughing and wriggling playfully.

"I think we should get to work. Alex, go and sit back down"

Harry stood in between us, increasing the distance by pushing both of our chests. Jack's muscled, six pack figure was no match for Harry. He stood there looking down at him, amused.

"Alex, go and sit down"

He directed me towards the sofa.

"But he's my friend, I want to talk to him"


His outburst startled me, making me flinch slightly. Everyone in the room was silent as I trailed across to the corner. I sat back into the sofa, tears escaping my eye's.

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