Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

A crash brought me out of my deep slumber.

Groups of people were out drinking with their friends. My surroundings startled me at first before I remembered what happened. I sighed ruffling my hair.

I picked myself off of the floor and brushed off the dirt that was clinging to my backside.

I took mousy steps walking past the groups that were outside clubs, not wanting any attention. My plan failed. A foxy whistle was aimed at me behind my shoulder. I carried on walking, my head firmly focused on the slabs that tiled the floor.

"Don't walk away love, come here. We've got drink"

I wrapped Harry's large jacket around me tighter, my head still hanging low. Loud footsteps thumped towards me. A hand dug into my shoulder. As a natural reaction I turned around and jabbed him in his stomach.

He let out a throaty laugh, the alcohol hitting my face. His arms reached out for me, grabbing my waist and throwing me over his shoulder. My fists brutally pounded his back, screaming profanities at him.

He carried me back to his group of all male friends, reminding me of the night Harry took me. They circled me, some hands caressing my bum. I slapped them away numerous times. I was too angry to even think about crying.

I ran at one of the scrawnier looking men, hoping to break free from the circle of drunken perverts that was holding me captive. No luck. I just bounced right off him. They laughed at my attempt, it was making me even angrier.

"You let me go now!"

They all sniggered at my outburst. I took another run at the scrawny man. Still no luck. They mimicked my actions jokingly, and put on a high ditsy voice.

I was stood in the middle not knowing what to do. My fist's clenched and my teeth started to grind. I was really not in the mood for this.

A bunch of drunken girls screaming caught the men's attention. Their head's spun around, curious. I took this as my chance.

I ran through the scrawny man and a well built man, escaping their hold. I thought I was free, wrong.

They dragged me back, pulling my hood.

"Where do you think your going love?"

His crooked teeth sent shivers down my back as he smiled at me.

I wiggled to try and get free from his grasp. He laughed at my attempt.


I turned my head to see someone I did not want to see running towards me.

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