Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


20. Chapter Twenty

I woke up in a haze, everything was blurry and fuzzy. Harry sat on the edge of the red sofa staring at me impassively, rubbing my ankles. I peeled a warmish-damp flannel from my forehead and tried to lift my head.

"Shhhh, don't move. Keep it on" He placed the flannel back on my forehead.

I led there with my eyes closed, Harry moving down massaging my feet.

"W-what happened?" I groaned

"You ran into Liam. Louis was messing around with you, what were you playing? tag?' Harry smiled

"No-he-uhh-he!" I stammered wanting to run away

"You okay?" harry stood up walking closer

"I feel faint" I faked hoping Harry would just leave

"Oh baby lie down and rest" Harry pushed my body down so I led flat on the sofa.

Liam walked into the room and started to jog when he saw me awake.

"Alex? Are you okay?"

He crouched down next to me ripping the flannel from my head and feeling it with the palm and then back of his hand. I let out a long breath, the frostiness that lingered on his hand being transferred onto my head, rapidly cooling me down felt so nice. His hand pulled away. I quickly grabbed it and held it up to my head, moving onto my cheeks that were burning up quickly.

He sighed before dropping to the floor, slumping against the sofa, his head resting next to mine. My eyes slowly closed still with his hand pressed against my face. It started to warm up quickly. I let it go and grabbed the other one. Harry sat on the end observing us.

"Harry could you go and wet the flannel please?"

Harry jumped at the chance, picking it up and strolling to the bathroom.

"What happened back there?" Liam raised an eyebrow

"Oh n-nothing" I started to well up

I mentally reminded myself not to cry as I swallowed back tears

"You sure? Louis was pretty pissed" Liam seemed tense

I nodded my head, not wanting to make matters worse. I dropped his hand.

"Too hot. What the hell is actually wrong with me? I only ran into you"

"It's normal. You'll be fine any minute"

I rolled on my stomach and flopped half over the sofa, my left arm dangling on Liam's lap. He started stroking my fingers, and massaging my palms. I let out a relieved sigh with my eyes closed and mouth pressed on the sofa, squishing them to the left.

"Where's Niall?"

"Where do you think?"

"Hmmhmmm" It was meant to come out as a 'I don't know', but he knew what I meant.


I hummed again, slowly falling asleep and loosing energy. Doors crashed but I was already to sleepy to move.

"Niall got his finger caught in the vending machine again"

Liam cursed before dropping my hand and standing. Squeaks were made as his trainers made contact with the floor as he ran. A dip in the sofa by my feet was made. I was in to deep to open my eyes.


My eyes automatically flew open, staring straight ahead at the recognision of the voice.

"Tired?" He tapped my calf twice.

I remained silent.

"I know what you did"

My stomach tightened.

"Know what?"

"About you and Louis"

"There is no me and Louis"

"These say differently"

I heard an unlock of and IPhone. He shoved it in my face to reveal a picture of me and Louis at the party before. He then flicked too another one of me and louis today. They were both awful quality.

"If you step one foot out of line, I will ruin you"

I gulped.

"If you was paying attention, then you would actually knowwhat happened today" A tear leaked from my eye, splashing onto the leather.

"I know what hap-"

"He didn't even go near the vending machine today" Liam crashed through the doors, saving me.

"Oh, must've made a mistake" A smug smile grew on his face "Bye Alex"

He slowly pushed himself up, sliding the phone back into his pocket and walking out. Liam walked over to see me crying.

"Hey, hey. What's wrong?"

His voice was high and sympathetic. He slowly rubbed my back, making me spill out more tears.

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