Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two

"No, she hasn't. Bye"

Muffles crept their way through the floorboards, allowing me too hear everything Zayn had just said beneath me.

I flung the sheets from me and marched down the stairs in a rage of fury.

"What the fuck have you just said too him?"

I stomped up to him, my index finger dangerously close too his face.

"What are you on about?"

He laughed it off, pushing my finger too the side and walking over to the now boiled kettle.

"Harry. What you said to Harry"

My arms folded protectively across my stomach.

"I never spoke too Harry"

He avoided eye contact with me, pouring two cups of tea for the both of us.

"Zayn, I am a lot of things, but the one thing I am not is stupid. Why even deny it, I fucking heard you!"

His abrupt lying was getting annoying now.

"Oh, you mean that conversation, we were just talking about Louis' new girlfriend"

He walked up too me and handed me the tea. I took it looking at the ground. A mix of emotions coursed through my veins, new emotions that I had never experienced before.

"L-louis has a girlfriend?"

I looked up from my tea that I had just sipped, still in shock.

Zayn nodded his head, not taking his eyes from the paper that led on the table in front of him.

"Have a look"

His index finger tapped the paper twice. I cautiously took nimble steps towards him. My eyes widened at the two page story that covered it.

"Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction has officially been taken off the market...sorry ladies!"

I took in a deep breath before reading some more.

"The teen heartthrob has been taken by the beautiful Eleanor Calder"

My eyes darted to the picture of Louis and Eleanor in the park. I couldn't read anymore.

"How long has this been going on for?!"

I eyed up Zayn who had his hands wrapped around the mug that was now half empty, staring into it.

His shoulders shrugged.

"About...four weeks now?"

He took a while too think.

"Four weeks? Didn't anyone actually think of telling me about this?"

"No. Not really"

His eyes peeled away and stared at me.

"Thanks. Nice to know im appreciated around here"

I sighed taking a seat at the table opposite Zayn. I caught a glimpse of his hand.

"Don't you think you should wash that off?"

I pointed a finger at his knuckles that were still caked in dry blood. He spread his fingers out in front of his face, moving each finger independently and tensing his fists. He carefully placed his hand back on the table, finishing of the last bit of his tea.


I pressed on. He pushed his chair back, taking his mug with him and walking to the sink.

"Come and do it for me"

He looked over at me. I stared back at him.

"No, you do it"


His voice echoed throughout the huge kitchen.

I quietly walked over to him, his eyes following my every movement. I gently cupped his hand, running it under the cold water.

He winced as the water hit it, subconsciously pulling back. I held it in place, not letting go.

I slowly wiped it away with my thumb, red water gushing down the plug hole. I removed it from the flow of water and wrapped his hand in a tea towel, turning the tap off.


A smile crept along his face, awakening the butterflies that hibernated in my stomach.

His eyes closed, pursing his lips. He moved in closer to my face. I mimicked his movements, leaning in closer.

Our lips smashed together, tongues fighting each other. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. My hands traced his lean, muscled torso, getting lower and lower.

His hand's expertly unclasped my bra and let it fall too the kitchen floor. My breathing hitched, still pressed against his mouth.

I pulled away, already breathing heavily. I crouched down to the floor, my eyes still looking into his as I went closer too the floor.

I yanked his tight boxers down too his ankles, releasing his semi-hard cock. My tongue traced my lips, eager to start.

My hand firmly grasped his member, palming it softly. A moan escaped his lips, making me smirk.

I started too move my hand vigorously up and down his length. His eyes squeezed shut and his head rolled on his shoulders.

I could feel it tensing up in my hand. I pulled my hand away smirking, his eyes snapped open making his pupils shrink. He scowled causing my giggles to decrease.

"You. Tease"

He panted.

I shrugged my shoulders, picking myself up from the floor.

He grabbed my shoulders, looking me in the eyes. A smile graced his face. His hands slowly made their way down to my breasts, rubbing them with his palm. He really knew how too use his palms.

His head slowly dipped, taking my nipple in between his teeth, and gently squeezing it.

I groaned in appreciation. He slowly dragged his teeth away, blowing onto my nipple.

The coldness made my nipple instantaneously hard. Painfully hard.

He did the same with the other one, leaving them both rock solid. I bit down on my lip to supress a moan.

His large hands caressed my breasts, kissing all the way down to the hem of his boxers I was wearing.

His tongue licked across it, the butterflies now going mental.

My hands intertwined with his ruffled, messy hair, digging into his scalp.

His laughs sent vibrations through my stomach, exciting the butterflies once again.

His head pulled away from my grasp and stood up, once again towering over me.

His morning breath was pounding in my face, but I didn't care. We stared into each others eyes, our chests hitting each other as we breathed.

"Let's go shower"

He took my hand with the hand that wasn't wrapped up.

I sheepishly followed him too the bathroom.

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