Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


33. Chapter Thirty-Three

He pushed me against the wall, the warm water trickling down my bare back.

He closed the shower door behind him. Hands caressed my arse, cupping and squeezing my cheeks.

My hands scraped down the wall, my back arching inwards, making my arse stick out more into his cock.

I let out a breath. He hooked his foot around my ankle, pulling it backwards, doing the same with my other foot, spreading my legs apart.

I heard a squelching sound behind me as he hardened his cock, getting it ready for entrance.

After 20 seconds of anticipation he decided it was hard enough. His hands spread my cheeks as far as they would go. He held them apart with his thumb and middle finger, giving his dick one last pump.

He slowly rubbed it up and down in between my clit folds, making my toes curl.

He pushed his hips forward, slowly pushing deeper into me.

He was fully inside of me. I could feel his testicles against my arse. I could feel him at the pit of my stomach, he wasn't even thrusting.

His lips pecked at my neck, trailing down over my shoulders.

"Zayn, move"

I panted, getting excited yet frustrated.

Deep vibrations rattled through my spine as he laughed. His head bobbed up and rested on my left shoulder. His lips pressed against my ear.

"Not nice too be teased is it?"

He placed his hands on my waist, pulling out of me.

"What the fuck? Zayn!"

My hands climbed up the wall, straightening my back out. I turned to him.

A huge smile was on his face, like he was enjoying my frustration. I took a step closer towards him, pushing him against the tiles under the gush of water.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, grinding my hips into his. His arms held me close, kissing the back of my neck furiously.

He pushed me away and held me at arms length.


I started to whine out of sexual frustration, but he stopped me by pressing a finger against my lips.

"Get washed. I've told the boy's that im taking you back"

My facial expression dropped. I didn't want too go back to Harry. I want too stay with Zayn.

"W-wha- Why?"

I started stuttering.

"They were worried about you"

I couldn't look him in the eyes. I felt betrayed.

My eyes skimmed his perfect, naked body. The water jumped off of his skin as it hit him.

"Alex I-"

I stopped him from carrying on.

"You used me"

I looked at the floor as I tried too supress tears.

"No, I-"

He took a step towards me as I took a step back away from him, my back pressed against the wall.

"They were going too find out sooner or later. You couldn't stay here. Harry wants you back"

I burst out crying as soon as he said his name.

"Come here"

He engulfed me in a hug, our naked bodies pressed against each other, feeling our bulges press against us. I poured my tears out, letting them mix in with the shower water that was running down his chest. I pulled away from his grasp.

"I trusted you"

"Alex, why are you being like this?"

He pulled me into his hold again.

I shook my head into his chest. Why was I being like this?

His arm reached for the shower gel that was on a hook-up shelf next to the shower head.

He squirted some onto his hand and started to lather it into me. I stayed looking at the floor the whole time he was washing me.

After he washed himself he turned the shower off and slid the door open, allowing the cold air to attack me.

He reached out and grabbed us both a towel. I quickly wrapped it around me, desperate for some warmth.

I stepped out and into the bedroom, where our clothes lay strewn on the floor. I picked them up, throwing them onto the bed and rubbing myself with the towel to get dry.

Thoughts rushed through my head as I threw the clothes on.

Just yesterday I absolutely hated Zayn's guts. Now I didn't want to leave him. Just one night changed everything.

"Alex! You ready?!"

Zayn called me from down stairs.

I huffed, pulling the jogging bottoms up and dragging my feet down the stairs.


hi! don't usually write authors notes but this time I am ;) just want too say thankyou for the support you lot have gave us and sorry about all of the confusion. we are currently staying on movellas, not wattpad. And also if you could spread this story anywhere e.g. forums, facebook, twitter, etc we would really appreciate it, and tell us aswell. I love seeing all of your comments, it really makes my day :) I have planned out everything thats going to happen, before it used to be anything that came off the top of my head, but now I know ;) so can you please spread this fanfic, you dont know how apreciative we would be, we might even follow a few fans (we never do that ;)  AND I have already thought of a new fanfic to do after obsessed which i think (hopefully) you will all like. So please spread obsessed! thankyou, love you all!!!!! <3

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