Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


31. Chapter Thirty-One



I turned my head towards him, not paying attention.


"No thanks, not hungry"

I placed my hand on my stomach and patted. His head slowly nodded, reaching into the freezer and pulling out an ice lolly. He peeled open the wrapper, throwing it in the bin and jamming the ice lolly into his mouth and out again.

He leaned against the worktop, bending his leg on the washing machine and crossing his arm under his armpit, occasionally licking the ice lolly, looking me up and down.

"You know, im not what you think I am"

I nervously leaned against the wall.

"And what's that?"

"A monster"

I scoffed at his reply.

"You're joking, right?"

I lifted up the jogging bottoms to reveal my knee.

"This is what you did to me"

"It was an accident"

"Accident my arse! You did it on purpose! Do you know how close it was for the others finding out?!"

I yanked the joggers back over my mutilated knee. He shrugged his shoulders, pushing the ice lolly in and out of his mouth, making a popping sound on the way out.

I sighed, pushing myself off of the wall and walking out of the kitchen.


I huffed turning on my heel to face him.

He swiftly glided over to me, hovering above me. His deep chocolate eyes burned into mine, taking hold of me.

I was completely in a trance, frozen too the spot. A seductive smile spread across his plump, juicy lips.

He brought the multi coloured ice lolly up too his lips before slowly smearing it across them. My breathing hitched as my eyes would not let the sight go, my eyes fixed on his lips.

They were dripping with juice. I subconsciously licked my lip smelling the sweet, fruity aroma of the ice lolly.

"Want a taste?"

He placed the ice lolly on the counter and wrapped his hands around my waist, his face slowly becoming out of focus as he came closer.

His lips were ice cold, the warmth of mine and the frostiness of his left a tingling residue clinging to my lips as he pulled away.

He bit his lip, smirking. His head jerked, indicating for us to go upstairs.

He wrapped his hand around mine, pulling me, walking backwards towards the stairs. His eyes never left mine, keeping me under a constant restraint. My head wasn't thinking straight.


I was taken back by the vast size of the room. The oversized four post bed took up only a small portion of the room.

He tugged me more into the room, as I stood there, admiring the range of beautiful art placed around the room. A large canvas caught my attention that hung beside the bed.

It was a range of primary colours, to create an abstract scene. My eyes stayed glued to the piece as Zayn was nipping at my neck, peeling the clothes off of me as a tent started to raise through his jeans.

"I want you so much right now"

I remained silent, the painting drawing me in.

He swept me off my feet, carrying me bridal style, throwing me onto the bed as he ripped his shirt over his head, and pulling down his boxers and jeans in one, releasing his erection that was literally throbbing.

He climbed onto the bed, crawling over to me and taking my lips captive as our tongues fought for dominance. My hands made their way up into his hair, the strands gently being brushed between my fingers.

His hand keenly traced my stomach, and cupped my vagina, applying pressure with his palm and releasing it, making my legs push together. He eagerly pushed them back open, climbing in between them, still our lips connected and his palm applying pressure.

My thighs tightened around his torso, shaking with pleasure.

His middle finger slowly toyed my entrance, circling it. His lips pulled away from mine, making me lust for more. His head disappeared down my body, his eyes still fixed on mine. A long trail of slime trailed across my stomach, his tongue getting closer to where his finger was still teasing.

His hands prised my thighs apart, opening them even wider. His thumbs were either side of my vagina and the rest of his hand cupping my arse, elevating me to his perfect height.

His tongue started to rapidly flick over my clit, making me moan in pleasure.


"You taste magnificent'

Zayn murmured blowing cold air on my core.

"Z-zayn" I managed to cry

My hips bucked as he blew, my legs again starting to bow.

His lips started kissing my clit, sucking hard and then popping it at the end.

"Who made you this wet already?"

An evil smirk graced his face, his eyes piercing into mine.

I let my head fall freely onto the pillow that led beneath me, not giving him an answer.

"I said. Who made you this wet already?"

One of his long fingers quickly jammed into me, swirling around inside of me, hitting my g-spot every time.


I screamed as he flexed his finger again before swirling it.

"Good girl"

He reached over to give me a quick peck on my lips before returning to his position.


His eyes glowed with darkness, frightening me, but also making me want more.

I nodded my head, not knowing what I was thinking. My head was a complete jumble. I did not know what I was doing, he was doing something too me, making me like this.

"I wasn't going to wait for an answer anyway"

Without warning he jammed his rock hard cock into my tight, wet vagina.

"Fuck Alex, you're so tight"

He battled through it. My walls tight around his throbbing cock he started slow at first, trying to make me go wider.

My fingers clenched onto the sheets,

"Ah Zayn'

I managed to squeal

"You like that baby"

He shouted jamming into me again and again.

My nails dug in even more as he started to go faster, his digging into my thighs.

The pain soon turned into pleasure, leaving me wanting more.

My walls again tightened around his cock, my stomach also tightening.

"Z-zayn. Im gonna' c-come"

I panted in between breaths, still being ridden. His thrusts started too get weak, and sloppy. Indicating that he was going to too.

He picked up my lower back, pulling me more towards him. I wrapped my legs around his torso, allowing him too go deeper.

My stomach tightened once again. A feeling of ecstasy came over me as we both came at the same time. I moaned as loud as I could, the feeling just too great too keep it silent.

Zayn stopped and pulled out, trying to catch his lost breath, collapsing next too me. Our chest's rising simultaneously trying to gain respiratory control once again.

He rolled onto his stomach, his left arm placed on my right breast, gently squeezing and applying pressure with his palm.

His eyes fluttered close, mine still being wide awake, staring up at the ceiling.

"Night Alex"


I placed his hand on the mattress, turning away from him.

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