Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


39. Chapter Thirty-Nine

I was squished between Niall and Harry in the car. They refused to let me and Eleanor even see each other, which is why her and Louis has taken Zayn's car.

Liam was driving with Zayn in the passengers seat. He kept glancing over his shoulder at me.


We arrived at the shopping centre with literally thousands of fans screaming.

The noise was defaning.

We were quickly escorted through the crazed fans and into the building where a few excited staff asked for autographs and pictures before the hoards of hormonal teenagers overtook the whole centre.

They led us all to a long table where the boy's took their places. I walked over to Niall.

"How long do you think it's going to be?"

He sighed.

"Judging by the crowd, about 4 hours?"

My eyes shot open.

"What! 4 hours?"


He carried on testing the pen's that he was given on the back of his hand.

I huffed before storming off.


Harry signalled me back over.


I rolled my eyes.

"Do you know where you're going?"

"No, not really"

"Go and stay with Lou"

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"How can I? He's going to be here?"

Harry and Liam burst out laughing.

"5 minutes!"

Harry raised his hand to the security guard letting him know that he heard him.

"Lou is our stylist, she should be out the back by now"

"Oh, okay"

I walked away from them and too the back where I was greeted by a gorgeous blonde woman with a kiss on the cheek and a hug from her.

"You must be Alex"

She had a grin spread on her face. I smiled back, not to be rude.

"And you must be Lou"

"That I am"

She was really bubbly, the way she spoke and moved, like there was a spring in her step.

"I've heard lot's about you"

She looked over her shoulder while she was sorting out make up brushes.

I didn't know what to say. It's not like I could say the same back to her because I've never heard of her until today.

Look's like this is my social day of the year. Let's just hope that this one's nice.

"Is it good stuff?

"Of course! You seem like such a sweet girl, im glad that I have finally met you"

I let out an awkward laugh.

"Take a seat"

She gestured for me to sit in one of the make up chairs.

I sat there in silence as she sorted everything out, making sure it's all tidy.

"So, do you like doing people's hair and make up?"

I face palmed for saying such a stupid thing as she was laughing.

"It's my job sweetie, of course I love it. And the boy's. Aren't the just the cutest"

I let out another awkward laugh.

"Yeah....the cutest"

She turned around to carry on sorting her stuff out when her head spun towards me.

Her eyebrows were furrowed. I stared at her, suddenly extremely self conscious.

She walked over to me, taking my hair into her hands.

"You've got terrible spilt ends"

"I haven't exactly been out anywhere recently to get them sorted"

I rolled my eyes.

"Do you want me too sort it out?"

I turned to look at her.

"If you want to?"

She smiled before plodding over to the table and grabbing some scissors.

I could hear the scissors slicing off my long hair, floating to the floor.

She finished and came to stand in front of me, examining the length of my hair by pulling it down over my ears.

"I think you would look good with layers"

She lightly tapped the scissors against her lips, looking at my hair in deep concentration.

"You're the expert"

She walked back around and started chopping and pulling my hair to create layers.

"It's looking better alre-"

Crying cut her off.

I looked around in confusion.

"Shit. Be right back"

She jogged through the door and the crying stopped.

I ran my hand through my hair, feeling the new layers that had been added.

Lou walked back in with a baby resting on her shoulder.

My eyebrows once again furrowed.

"This is Lux. Say hi Lux"

She held Lux's hand and moved it back and forth to make her wave.


She was so cute.

"Do you want a hold?"

"Uhh, im not very good with kids"

"You'll be fine, this one's a tough cookie"

She walked over to me and handed me Lux.

"Hello baby"

I smiled placing Lux on my knee.

Lou walked back around to finish off my hair.

I kept on moving my leg, making Lux bounce. She started laughing uncontrollably, making me and Lou join in with her.

Her laugh was adorable and also contagious.

Lou spent about another 20 minutes on my hair, making it perfect; Straightening and then curling it.

"Make up?"

She was grinning like a fool, obviously enjoying making over a girl instead of boy's.


I smiled before she ran off to get the make up.

Lux was laughing at me.

"What? What is it?"

My voice had automatically turned into baby mode.

I made funny faces at her, making her little arms flap and her cute laugh fill the room.

Lou returned with a metal brief case.

She placed it on the table next to me and opened it up.

It folded into different layers and sections. A section for eye shadows, a section for blushes, etc.

I let her do her thing as I carried on playing with Lux.

"Lou do you have any-"

Harry walked through the door and started smirking at me.

"Do I have any what?"

She didn't take her eyes away from my face, still doing my make up.

"Do you have any pen's?"

Lou looked at him with her mouth open.

"Why would I have any pen's?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders and walked over to me.

He took Lux off of my lap and started swinging her in the air, pretending she was a aeroplane.

Her laugh filled the room again, it made me smile.

He held her above his head and started blowing raspberries into her stomach. Her legs started kicking furiously into his chest, her laugh faster than before.

"How come they let you out?"

Lou flashed a quick glance up at Harry.

"I walked out"

He handed me Lux back.

"You better be going then, Paul will kill you"

Harry chuckled.

"See you later girls"


He started to walk out of the door.

"By the way, your hair looks sexy"

He blew me a kiss before walking out.

Lou started to laugh.

"You're one lucky girl Alex, you know that?"


"Yes! Do you know how many girls would kill to be in your position?"

I sighed.

"They can have it"


She stood bolt upright.

"The attention getting to much for you?"

She carried on brushing power onto my face.

"I guess you could say that"

"And...There...We...Go! All done"

She stood up, taking Lux from my lap and placing her on her hip.

I looked in the mirror. Wow. She really knew how to do her job.

"Thank you"

I stood up and hugged the both of them.

Lou wrapped one hand around me, supporting Lux with the other.

"No problem chick"

We went and sat down in the make up chairs.

We spent the next two and a half hours talking about mainly the boy's and Lux, but also some personal stuff.

I felt I could really tell her anything already.

I told her about my mum, my dad's death, my sister, my job which I no longer had. I missed out this whole captive thing.

"Come here"

I reached over to grab Lux and pulled her on my lap. I started bouncing my legs again to make her laugh.

Her laugh was highly contagious. Me and Lou were in fits of laughter when the boy's walked in, looking emotionally drained.

"We're leaving now"

I glanced over at Harry who was leaned against the door frame.

Zayn walked over to me and took my hair in his hands. Lou slapped it away.

"Don't mess up the curls!"


Zayn put his hands up in surrender.

"You better be"

Lou smiled.

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