Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


38. Chapter Thirty-Eight

Walking back into the restaurant all eyes were on me.

"Niall I'm scared"

I cowered behind him.

walking back into the restaurant all eyes were on me.

"C'mon' Alex the worst is done"

Niall smiled pulling me to the table where Eleanor sat giving me an icy glare.

"You sit here"

Niall sat me in his seat.


Louis said through gritted teeth.


I looked up.

"What the hell were you playing at?!"

Louis growled.

"Eleanor has scratches and bruises"

He added.

"Excuse me?"

I coughed.

"Lou it really hurts"

Eleanor whined.

"What! I can’t believe this!"

i spat.

"You better had"

Harry huffed crossing his arms and slumping in his seat.

"NO! I refuse to take this shit"

I spat stabbing my pasta.

"You have caused this shit"

Harry leaned forward, his voice dark.

"Hasn't nobody thought of also putting the blame on her? It's not all about me"

"Well that's how you like it, all about you isn't it? You are the vainest bitch I know"

My fist tightened around the fork.

"This is what I mean, nobody even had a go at her because of that. She's like the perfect one out of the two of us. I didn't even know about her today, so what the hell does that say about her? That she's the nicest, sweetest girl out there? No! Even you Louis could do better than her"

I kept my voice quiet, not in any way hinting anger.


Eleanor slammed her knife and fork on her plate.

"Girls! You really know how to show yourselves up don't you? Not even with paparazzi surrounding us you can't even behave. Do you know how childish you are being? If this wasn't our job, then we would have been out of here on a flash. So I suggest you two grow up, and start acting like the ages that you are"

Liam stabbed at his chips, throwing another one in his mouth.

I started to snigger.

"What is it now Alex?"

Harry sighed.

"Oh, uhh nothing"

I shoved another bit of pasta in my mouth.

"C'mon Alex, why don't you share it with us?"

Eleanor spread her arms, wanting me to say.

"I told you. Nothing"

"No, tell m-"

"NO. Let's just forget about this"

I threw my cutlery down on the plate, slumping back into my chair.

"Eat your food"

"Not hungry"

"Alex, eat. Now"

I glanced up at him. His green eyes were wide open, obviously getting frustrated.

"She doesn't have too, if she's full, she's full"

Niall tried to stick up for me.

I looked up at Harry, hopeful he wouldn't explode.

Surprisingly enough, he didn't.

Zayn burst through the doors and took his seat next too Liam.

"Where've you been?"

Liam looked at him.

"A few fans wanted me to sign some stuff for them"

He shrugged it off before tucking into his chicken like he hadn't been fed in a week.

"When can we go? Im kind of tired now"

I heard Eleanor mimicked me. Her and Louis both started laughing. I guess they were perfect for each other.

"I've only just sat down"

Zayn looked up at me wide eyed.

I sighed.

"We have to do a planned signing after this"

Liam tutted.

"Planned signing? Where?"

"In a shopping centre about half an hour away"

"Half an hour?"

He nodded.


I rolled my eyes and sunk deeper into my seat.



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