Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


30. Chapter Thirty

He broke free from the crowd of drunken, emotional wrecks and ran to me.

"Get your hands from her now"

He had him by his collar, walking back, also pulling me along with him. The man was obviously scared, taking gulps and breathing heavily. I observed as I was being dragged with them.

His shaking hand reluctantly let me loose. I fell to the floor, choking. He carried on pushing him backwards until he hit a lamppost. He was mumbling stuff to him through gritted teeth.

He pushed him one last time, banging into the lamppost before walking over and picking me up.

"Don't touch me"

I brushed myself off, rubbing my neck and regaining composure. He roughly grabbed my arm and started leading me, the crowd of girls following.

"I said don't touch me!"

I pulled away from his grasp, and hugged my jacket closer.

"By the way! She was a slag anyway!"

He stopped in his tracks, breathing heavy, his fist's clenching. He turned around and marched towards the men.

"Zayn! Stop!"

I grabbed his arm only for him to yank it away. His march turned into a jog, gradually picking up pace. I ran after him, my knee hurting even more than before.

The girls had phones out, recording and taking pictures of everything that was happening.


I screamed again hoping it would go in. I stopped running, taking in deep breaths.

Zayn had him pinned to the ground, brutally throwing powerful punches even I didn't think he had the strength for. Blood started to quickly cover the man's face, some leaking out of his mouth.

Zayn threw more punches, showing no attempt of stopping. I ran over after I caught my breath, grabbing his shoulders and trying to pull him off.

His body was not budging. I shook him, tears now starting to form. The sight of the man's face was awful. It was swollen, and blood everywhere. His friends just stood and watched, occasionally taking swigs of their pints, and taking pictures.

I watched in horror as the man slowly faded into unconsciousness, Zayn still throwing wild punches.


It's all I could about say. I pulled both of his shoulders.

"Please just stop Zayn"

I wallowed through my tears. It must've triggered something because he slowly started to stop, His facial expressions softening. I tugged more at his leather jacket, crying frantically.

He wiped his forehead with his arm before standing up. He took hold of my arm, dragging me with him. I fought against it, the blood that caked his hands, rubbing off on my jacket.

"Stop trying to get free, we're not losing you again"

I wiggled more.

"I said stop it"

His nails dug into the skin underneath my arm. I frantically twisted and turned. His hands moved down to my waist and threw me over his shoulder.

My arms and legs worked together, trying too free myself. His arm stopped my legs from kicking his front.

"You'd better be happy it was me who found you, not Harry"

I froze. What was he going to do to me when he takes me too him.

"W-where are you taking me?"

I faced to look at the back of his head.

"Back home"

"What home?"

"Your home"

"My flat?"

He let out a laugh.

"Your new home"

"That is not my home!"

"It is now"

I let out a scream and started punching his back.

"P-please don't take me back there"

"Where else would I take you?"

"Here's a guess...maybe my REAL home"

He laughed and slapped my arse.

"Don't speak too me like that"

I started kicking and punching again. It obviously wasn't making a difference but it was all I could do. I sighed.

"Please take me somewhere else"

He was silent, thinking.

"You could come back to mine for the night?"

I could feel the smile that crept on his face.

"No thanks, I'd rather have my eyeballs eaten out by vultures"

"That could be arranged"

My head hit his back, rolling as he walked.

"So im taking that as a yes?"

"Why can't you take me to Liam or Niall's?"

"I don't want too, you're coming home with me"

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