Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


13. Chapter Thirteen

I sheepishly followed Harry into his house, looking down at my feet the whole time.

"Do you want something to eat?"

He marched into the kitchen swiftly pulling out a frying pan from the cabinet underneath the worktop.

"No thanks, im not hungry"

His head spun to look at me, he was grinding his teeth.

"What do you want? eggs?"

He moved over to the fridge grabbing the box of eggs and placing them on the worktop.

"I said im not hungry"

"Do you want toast? egg, toast and beans? I remember I used to make you that all of the time. It's your favourite"

A smile grew on his face as he was gliding around the kitchen pulling out plates, knifes and forks.

'I-i'm really not that hungry' I smiled half heartedly

Harry spun around on the spot.

'You're eating' He growled.

I nodded, looking at my feet and crunching my toes, knowing this wasn't going to end well. He smiled and let out a little laugh before going back to cooking. I wandered around the kitchen, aware that Harry could snap any moment if I did anything wrong. I kept my bare feet from making any sound on the tiles that laced the floor. My head turned from side to side, not knowing where to go. I came across a pin board that was hooked on the wall next to the table. I never saw it before. It had bills, letters, photos, and memos all pinned to it. One thing caught my attention. The picture of me and Harry at MSG that had been stolen from my flat. I turned on my heels.


"Yes babe?"

"Where did you get this picture from?" My hand started to shake as I pointed it out.

"Uhhh..you left it here when you went home the other night"

Was he trying to be funny?

"I haven't left here since you took me"

He laughed at my reply.

"I never took you"

My heart started to race. I plucked up the courage to walk over to him. I held my hand out and pushed his curls out of the way to have a look to see if there was a mark where I had hit him. For a moment he was frozen. Then he snapped. He pushed me into the worktop, my back bending on impact.

"Don't ever touch me again unless I say so"

I nodded frantically, bending backwards even more to get further away from him as he was inching forwards.

"Got it?"

I nodded again. His phone started to ring in his pocket. He pulled it out, looked at the caller ID and smiled. He pressed answer.

"Hey mum"

There was a smile etched on his face when talking. He walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, leaving the food cooking. I started breathing heavy as I regained composure. I rubbed my lower back, hissing when I touched it. I hobbled over to the toaster and chucked the pieces of toast on the plates. The eggs were ready, I took them out of the pan and also on the plate. I left the beans, I wasn't hungry anyway. I walked into the living room with the plates to see Harry watching Family Guy. I handed him his plate and cutlery.


I sat down on a separate sofa to him and started eating.

"Why don't you come and sit by me?" He tapped the space next to him.

"Im good over here" I sent him a smile.


I placed the knife and fork on the plate, standing up and walking over to him. He quickly moved the pillow that was blocking the seat as I sat down. He slithered an arm around my shoulders before placing his, then my plate on the table in front. His head turned to me before he pulled me across to his lap. I sat there looking into his eyes not knowing what to do. I felt a rise in his trousers stick into me.

"I need to go to toilet"

I quickly jumped off his lap and ran upstairs on all fours. I went into his bedroom to find my jeans on the bed. I sighed in relief. I grabbed them but my phone wasn't in there.

'Alex what are you doing?'

Harry stood behind me

'N-nothing just looking for my phone' I mumbled

'Oh you won't need that'

He waltzed over to me roughly grabbing my hips pulling me towards his bulge that was trying to free itself of any clothing.

"Harry, stop. I don't want to do this"

I tried pushing him away but he was not giving up easily. He pushed me back on the bed, hovering above me.

"So what did your mum want?" I tried to throw him off track.

"Just to say hi"

"When are you going to go and see her again?"

"Soon, and you're coming with me"

Before I could say anything he crashed his lips with mine.

"I don't feel very well" I tried my best to get out of it.

"This will make you feel better"

He planted another kiss on my neck, little grunts escaping his lips doing so.

'Harry please'

I tried again to push him off

'Alex I'm warning you' Harry spat in my ear.

He vigoursly unwrapped the belt that clung to my waist and yanked the trousers and knickers off in one. He then pulled the top over my head, unclasping the bra hook that held my breasts.

"I've missed these two" He panted cupping my 34B breasts in each hand.

I moaned inwardly

'H-Harry please' I wined

'Shut up' He slapped my thigh hard

He ripped his top and bottoms of, his erection pressing against my stomach

"What if you catch what I have? You won't be able to perform" I faked a cough.

He shrugged his shoulders, jamming his hands underneath my bum and elevating my lower half in line with it. I wiggled to try and move, but his large hands held me in place, slamming into me. He thrusted into me, not giving me time to adjust, not taking the pain I was having into consideration, just for his pleasure. He orgasmed into me, slowing down and finally stopping, collapsing beside me. He fell asleep without saying a word.

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