Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


61. Chapter Sixty-One

The scent of bacon seeped into the room and into my senses. I slowly opened my eyes, little bits of sleep were stuck in the corner. I swiped my finger to remove them and clear my vision. I was still in my clothes from yesterday, the smell of puke and B.O still clinging on me. I sniffed under my arms and screwed my nose up. I absolutely stank.

I swiftly pulled back the heavy duvet and spun my legs out of the bed, my feet touching the floor. I pulled myself up and started walking downstairs.

My droopy eyes met with a gorgeous sight. A completely nude Harry making bacon and eggs with just an apron on. His perky little bottom was on show for all to see as he whistled the tune to little things.

I tiptoed behind him as he was cooking the eggs. My fingers made contact with his sides as I made a buzzing sound. Before I knew it a spatula had made contact with my face, a fried egg laying splat on the ground.

"Oh fuck. Al im so sorry. I didn't know it was you, I thought you were a burglar. Oh fucking hell I am so sorr-"

I laughed it of as he mollycoddled me, burring me deep into his chest with his arms wrapped around my neck.

"I'm fine!"

I pushed myself away from him and our eyes locked. A confused but stern look crossed his face. A weird mixture.

"Lift your arms up"

This is when his sudden mood swing happens.

"What? Why?"

I crossed my arms in a defensive manner.

"Just do it"

I shook my head, not knowing if he was being serious or not.


He signalled to lift it up with the spatula. I again shook my head, resistant to do as he says.

He took a step forward, and I took a step back.

"Up now. Don't make me do it"

I sighed and crossed my arms at the hem of my shirt, starting to bring it up. I stopped as it revealed an inch of my skin and ran.

"Alex! Get back here now!"

I giggled uncontrollably as I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom, closing the door behind me and pushing my weight against it. Harry knocked and shoved at it, his strength obviously no match for mine. The powerful shove forced me to fall onto the bed, Harry quickly jumping on me and pinning me down, his bulge pressing into me as he had somehow lost his apron somewhere along the way.

"Stay still"

He held both of my small wrists above my head and quickly gripped the loose fabric and yanked it up over my chest.

No words escaped his mouth but a short, sharp gasp managed to. His eyes met with mine, deep with shock, sadness, and anger? His lips slightly quivered trying to allow verbal activity. He gulped before he spoke.


I shrugged my shoulders and looked to my left as he decided to keep on intently staring at me.

"Answer me"

His voice was not angry, but more hurt.

I again shrugged, and had a question of my own.

"How did you know?"

His eyes broke away from mine.

"Doesn't matter"

I was still underneath him, his crotch digging into my genital area.

"Did she tell you?"

I rolled my eyes as I asked him. I knew she couldn't keep it quiet for long.



"Eleanor knew about this?!"

His voice raised slightly in anger.

"You didn't know?"


"Well how did you find out?"

He sighed and rolled to the side of me, laying on his side facing me. I pulled my top back down and turned to face him. His palm met with my cheek along with our lips. I raised my eyebrows. I knew he was stalling.

"It was an article in a magazine. I didn't want to say anything because I know you don't like publicity"

I was about to burst but his finger connected with my lip.

"Shhh. We'll talk about this after. Have a shower and get ready. I'll go finish breakfast-"

I moaned at the word.

"You're having it whether I have to shove it down your throat"

"That's what he said.."

I winked at Harry who lightly chuckled. He lightly tapped my thigh twice and stood up, bending me back down and kissing me on the lips. He looked at me in concentration and gripped my face with his hand, turning it to the left, and then to the right. He shook his head and exhaled through the nostrils. He straightened his back out and started to walk to the door.

"I would hurry if I were you. The boys are coming around in an hour so we can all leave for the airport"

With a cheeky wink he was out of the door.

Fuck. I forgot. Today was the day we were leaving for tour.


Kind of a filler??... ~katie

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