Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


64. Chapter Sixty-Four

I woke up with my head in Harry's lap, my middle part on Zayn and my legs on Louis. I could feel all of their bulges digging into me and in a way, it kind of hurt. I shuffled a bit and they all placed their hands on me to stop me from falling off.

I groaned and held my stomach which was in pure agony. My mouth tasted disgusting.


He flipped me over so I was facing up towards him.

"Al, you're awake"

He smiled.

"What happened?"

"You were ill and you passed out. But you're fine now"

He kissed his finger and placed it on my head.

"I still feel like shit..I don't feel right Harry"

A tear rolled down my cheek and Harry swiped it away.

"I know"

He said it in a reassuring way and continued to stroke my forehead.

"Is she awake?"

A voice from the background walked over to us. Something cold and wet slapped on my forehead where Harry's hand previously was. It was a wet flannel.

"Al? How are you feeling?"

A soft voice spoke next to my ear. I turned to my right and was met by Liam.

"Not good"

I literally croaked.

He had a concerned yet frustrated look on his face.

"Hold your hand out a minute"

I did as he said.

He placed two fingers on the inside of my wrist, feeling my pulse. After about a minute of complete silence, he spoke out.

"Right. Alex. I need you too breathe slowly for me. In through the nose, out through the mouth"

I started to do the breathing exercise.

"Why? What's wrong with her?"

Harry asked worriedly.

"She's fine. Just calm down Harry. Her pulse is just a little too fast"

I heard Harry sigh and he kept rubbing my arm. Louis had his arms wrapped around my legs and Zayn was rubbing my side. I wasn't to pleased about being on him at this moment in time, but I was in no state to argue.

Liam's fingers were still on my wrist, keeping track of my heart beat.

"It's getting slower"

I suddenly stopped the exercise.

"Alex? What are you doing? Keep doing it. C'mon do it with me. In through the nose out through the mouth"

He started to do it by himself.

All I could do was shake my head as a response. I tried to shuffle from their laps but they kept me in place. The spit made it's way up to my mouth and I swallowed it back down. I shouted, but with my mouth closed. Fuck.

It again made its appearance, this time narrowly missing Liam. The boys all screamed at each other telling one another to tip me to the side. Harry held my head in place as I was again constantly spewing.

"Niall go and ring Paul. I'm not going on tour. I have to look after Alex"

My eyes widened, but every time I tried to say something my body either gagged or was sick again.

"Are you sure? I don't think that's a good idea"

"Just fucking do it Niall!"

Niall half jogged to his phone and rang Paul. I did not want this to happen.

"Babe, everything's going to be fine. Trust me"

I did. I did trust him.

"Eleanor, ring an ambulance. She needs to go to hospital"

She carried on staring at me in shock.


Harry's words scared her and she ran to the phone and dialled 999.

I felt myself begin to shake violently.

"Hold her down! She's having a fit"

They all tried to keep me under a restraint. Eleanor started sobbing on the phone, telling them what was wrong.

Before I knew it, I had blacked out once again. But this time, I didn't wake up.


Harry's POV

We crashed through the doors of the hospital. I refused to let go of her hand the whole way here. She was wheeled straight through to a large room, where about 7 doctors swarmed and prodded at her.

Tears started to burn my eyes and before I knew it, they were falling freely down my face.


I ran towards her but was held back by two male doctors. I tried with all of my might to get to her but they wouldn't let me close.

Another two security men came and grabbed me, pulling me out of the room. I kicked and pulled, continuously calling her name.

Somehow I managed to slip out of their tight grasp and run to her.

"Sir, please back away. Let us do our job"

I looked up at the doctor, then back down to Alex.

"Al, I know you can hear me. Just wake up. Please, wake up. Please..I love you"

My tears fell onto her face and rolled down her cheek and made it look like she was the one crying.

The security men grabbed my arms and started dragging me backwards.

"No! Alex!"

I cried hysterically. I cursed at the men who was cruelly tearing me away from the love of my life.

As I was being dragged through the waiting room, Lou ran up to me with tears also falling down her face.


She engulfed me in a hug. I pulled my arms away from the men and they let them go.

"What happened?"

She peered up at me, still snuggled to my chest. I shook my head and rested it on top of hers.


We were sat down in the relatives room with cups of tea on the table, getting cold. We were both in shock.

"How did you know about..this?"

"Niall called me and told me"

Her hand slid on mine and our fingers interlocked.

"She'll be fine, Harry"

She leant over and placed a kiss on my cheek, taking a few tears with her. All I could do was fake a smile.

The door gently opened and in came the boys and Eleanor. Niall and Eleanor's eyes were like mine, red raw from crying so much, while Liam's were puffy and Louis' were bloodshot. I couldn't tell with Zayn, but they were filled with sadness.

"It's going to be fine mate"

Louis slapped my thigh and smiled. It was so opaque.

We waited another 20, long minutes in silence until the doctor came in.

We all looked up, hoping for the best.

The look on his face said it all. I burst into a fit of tears and rage. Anger coursed through my veins. I somehow felt it was my fault, like I could of done something.

I kicked the small table, sending the teas flying into the wall. I picked up the table and lobbed it straight into the wall, leaving a decent sized hole.

"Harry!..Calm down!"

Lou grabbed onto my arm and stared at me in the eyes. Mascara ran down to her chin, leaving a single drop of black water hanging off of her chin.

She wrapped her arms around me and I couldn't help but start crying into her shoulder.

"There was um..also some unexpected discoveries, Mr Styles.."

The scared doctors voice caused me to look up in shock.

"W-what discovery?"

I wiped away the tears and sniffed up the rest.

"Well, would you like me to tell you in private, or-"

"Anything you have to say, you can say in front of these too.."


He started. Lou gripped hold of my hand and kissed my shoulder.

"She was..pregnant"

This caused everybody to stand up out of their seats and gawp at him.

I looked up at the ceiling trying to supress more tears, but failing.

"B-but how? She was s-so skinny"

The doctor took a while before responding, even though he did this every day, he was finding this extremely difficult.

"It was a foetus. It was already dead. I am very, very sorry for your loss"

With that he walked out.

I fell to the floor in a fit of tears.


Zayn's POV

Could that have been my baby?

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