Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


6. Chapter Six

I sheepishly walked over to her looking at my feet as her bold eyes burned into me.

"Hi mum"

I reached out to give her a hug. She rejected it and pushed my arms to the side.

"So where's this boyfriend of yours?"

She looked behind my shoulders on her tiptoes.

"We broke up"

She mumbled under her breath before taking a seat on the bench and placing her tatty handbag on her lap.

"And why was that?" she lifted her eyebrows and squinted her eyes as she talked "Was it because of your stupidness?"

"Mum, I'm not stupid"

She nodded her head as she looked away from me.

"It was because of all the attention he was getting. And all of the hate that I was getting on top of it all"

"Why would he be getting attention and you getting hate?"

I huffed.

"Because of who I was going out with"

Her brows knitted.

"Who was you going out with?"

I huffed again.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just go and get something to eat"

I stood up and grabbed her hand to help her up.

"I don't want your help"

Her hand flew away from mine as she heaved her medium sized body weight on her hands. I stood there wanting to help, but having too look the other way.


"I'll have the sausage, egg and chips please" I smiled up at the dark, handsome waiter that was bent over, taking our orders.

"And I'll have a bacon sandwich" her reply was blunt and rude, not even looking at the waiter.

"Okay, that should be about 15 minutes" he smiled at me before picking up the menus and walking to the kitchen.

I looked at mum who was staring at the children playing in the park over the road through the window. A faint smile crept onto her face.

"I remember when you and Charlie was that young"

"You was hardly with us when we were younger" I took a sip of my cool blackcurrant squash.

Her head spun around towards me.

"Don't you dare say that. I loved you kids" her voice darkened.

"You were only worried about where the next drink was coming from. You didn't care about us" my voice grew louder in anger.

She shook her head and wiped her right eye with a scrumpled up tissue that she pulled from up her sleeve, looking back out of the window. Her head turned back around.

"Alex, I..." Her hand reached for mine, but I swiped it away.

"Don't even bother" I felt tears brewing but I kept them hidden taking another sip of squash.

"I'm sorry. Times were tough"

"Me and Charlie had to fend for ourselves! You were never there when she was ill. I was. Do you know how much time I had off school to look after her? If I didn't have to treat her as my own kid then I might of had a decent life"

Her lip quivered.

"Well you must've done well for yourselves. Look at you, you're gorgeous, and Charlie! And you've bagged yourself a good'un' Al"

I screwed my face up.

"How the hell do you know? You didn't even know we broke up."

"I knew that you was going out with that boy from that band"


"It's a bit hard to miss when your daughter is in the paper everyday" she shot me a guilty smile.

I shook my head taking another sip.

"Your father would've been proud of you Al"

Her hand reached for mine, but I let her take it. The tears that I had been holding in burst out, burrowing my head into her chest. She soothed me, rubbing the back of my head. This is how a mother should be, I savoured the moment.


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