Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


1. Chapter One

"It's over"

I clenched his hands tighter across the table as a tear escaped my eye. he remained silent looking me straight in the eyes.

"Okay" he simply replied tugging away from my grip.

"Okay?" another tear escaped my eye in disbelief of how easy he was taking it "Don't you have any questions or thoughts?"

He stood up shaking his head and pushing his chair back with the backs of his legs and turned on his heel.

"Goodbye Alex"

He swiftly moved to and out of the doors of Starbucks. I crossed my arms on the table and let my head drop into them, crying. I let my tears fall and picked my handbag up from the floor, wiping my smudged mascara from under my eyes and walked to the bus stop that was on the other side of the road. My phone started vibrating in my bag. I rummaged through the bag until i pulled out my battered IPhone 4. I opened the new message from Poppy.

"Have you told him yet? x"

I sighed, my fingers doing a little dance hovering above the keypad before replying.

"Yeah :( x"

I received a text almost instantaneously.

"How'd he take it? x"

"better than I wanted him too x"

A tear splashed onto my screen before i wiped it away with my thumb staring at the text. My bus arrived dead on time. I hopped on and paid my fare. luckily there was a bus stop right outside my block of flats, so it took me straight home. The only seat that was available was next to a young boy who was dressed in tracksuit bottoms and on a blackberry playing brick breaker. His legs were resting on the back of the seat in front. He completely ignored me as I cautiously took the seat beside him.


I walked through the groups of people drinking outside and into the smoke filled corridors to get to the stairs.

"Oi, love!"

A man in a baseball cap and tracksuit came jogging over to me.

"Orite' love? don't suppose' you ave' a lighter do ya?" his alcohol stained breath hitting my face.

"Sorry. i don't smoke"

I shot him a sarcastic smile and scurried away as fast as I could without making it obvious. I heard the man curse at me from behind. I ran up the stairs grabbing the keys out from my bag and opened my door with shaking hands. I ran in not letting go of the handle and slammed the door behind me, locking and sliding the catches across. I dragged my feet through the living room and chucked myself onto my sofa, unlocking my phone and scrolling through twitter. I had a DM from Poppy.

"Can't ring you, Angela just caught me texting but you can come over too mine if you want. there's a big tub of chocolate ice cream with your name on it x"

I smiled typing my response.

"I would, but i think i might just get killed my the group of asbos outside ;)x"

I sent it and turned on the TV, flicking through the channels to find something good to watch. My phone buzzed. I stopped flicking and chucked the remote in between my legs, unlocking my phone once again to find that poppy had replied.

"I'll pick you up, be there in 5!x"

I quickly jumped up, the remote hitting the laminate flooring. I bent down and picked it up, chucking it back on the sofa only for it to jump back off again. I hopped back and forth my feet choosing to get changed or pick it up. I chose my room and picked up my comfy pyjamas that were thrown on the floor. They were long pink trousers and long sleeved, pink buttoned top with white polka dots splashed onto them. They were two sizes too big which made them even cosier. I heard a car horn beep twice, indicating poppy was waiting for me. I jumped between my left and right foot pulling the bottoms on and wriggling into the oversized top. The car beeped again. i ran to the living room and pulled my cream ugg boots on, nearly falling over. I grabbed my phone and keys and heaved open the window. Luckily i was only on the second floor, so the drop wasn't that bad. There were dozens of black bin bags full of rubbish that had been dumped underneath the window by the other residents which made a perfect landing. My head hovered above the height, taking it in. I closed my eyes, took in a deep breath and let my body fall freely, hitting the bin bags.

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