Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


19. Chapter Nineteen

"I'm going to the toilet"

I stood up and walked across the room, out the door, down the corridor and to the bathroom. It had 4 stalls and 3 sinks with mirrors lined up on the walls. They were moderately clean, except for the odd few splashes on the floor and the toilet on the end stuffed full of toilet paper. I stood in front of the mirror, rubbing my bare eyes, dragging my hands down my face while making stupid popping noises and faces at myself. I hummed a random tune that came off the top of my head while taking the bobble out of my hair, the long waves fell onto my shoulders. I used my fingers as a brush to get as many of the knots out as possible, hissing when a big knot came about and holding the top of my hair so I couldn't feel it pulling. I pulled it back into a messy bun that sat on the top of my head. I smiled at my reflection before walking out. I was tackled back into the bathroom as soon as I walked out, being caught off guard and pinned down on the floor. Louis was draping over me, his blue eyes burning deep into me.

"I don't make empty promises"

"Louis, please. You don't want this" I tried to beg my way out of it.

"If I don't want to do it then why would I be doing it now?"

A smug grin filled his face.

"I-I'll tell Harry"

"He's not going to do anything to me"

"Wanna' bet?"

His eyebrows raised befor his lips connected with mine, gently sucking on my upper lip. I screamed, but it came out as faint muffles. My arms swung wildly not knowing what to do, grabbing his hair and pulling him to the side of me. I tried my best to stand up, but my back was in pieces. He rolled back on top of me, sitting on my legs and holding my arms above my head with his one hand. He grabbed my cheeks and squeezed them as hard as he could together, making me forget had I had a nose and started my hardest to breathe through my mouth. Tender kisses were made across my neck and collar bones. His hand flew away from my face as it slowly made it's way up my top, cupping my breasts.

"Louis, stop. This isn't like before" I panted, still trying to get rid of the numbness that was still looming in my cheeks.

"But it could be" More kisses were made as his hand slid under the bra and started massaging.

"It was a one off thing, We were drunk"


"Just stop!"

I tried to lift my hands up but his grip was too strong. He rolled me so I was on my side and unhooked my bra, releasing my breasts and throwing it on the floor next to my head.


He carried on what he was doing. He lifted my top up, gingerly rolling my nipple with his lips. I bit my lip to try and supress a moan, they were my weak spots and he knew it. His tongue started to make flicking movements, stimulating it, a moan escaping my mouth. His tongue slowly trailed down over my belly button until he reached the hem of the jogging bottoms. My eyes shot open, feet twitching. A blood curdling scream was freed from my lips, making me jolt and move about, Louis trued his best to keep me under control but failed. I pulled away from his grip, ignoring the excruciating pain from my back, grabbed my bra and ran out of the door. Footsteps started running behind me. I looked behind to see Louis running with anger on his face, I screamed and cried to get someone's attention. I turned back around he was getting closer. I looked forward and ran straight into somebody's hard chest, collapsing into their fast reaction catching arms and passing out.

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