Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


43. Chapter Forty-Three

We finished breakfast and walked to walked to Hollister.

I never really liked it in there because all of the clothes are made to look good on gorgeous, stick thin girls but Lou insisted on it.

Harry was content following us around with Lux sat comfortably on his hip, gliding through the dimly lit room.

We ignored the squeals, crying and our names being called by a large group of people with their phones out.

Lou was unphased by it all, completely in her prime rummaging through the piles of clothes, searching for my size in the stuff she liked.

"Go and have a look at the shorts over there"

She pointed behind me where the stacks of denim were.

Unfortunately it was placed right next to the crowd.

I huffed and dragged my feet over to the stand where a single light hung above it, illuminating the shorts.

"Alex! Can we have a picture please?"

I was bombarded with questions and requests.


A redhead girl would not give up, persuing her quest for a picture. I wasn't going to be like Eleanor.

I took a step towards her, her squeaks becoming higher in disbelief. I never took pictures with anybody, and anyone who was a fan of the boys knew that.

I placed my hand on the tall, sculpted male floor model who was acting as a barrier dressed in only a pair of red shorts.

His head twisted towards me with a smile and let me through.

I snaked my arm around the girls waist as she did the same to me.

She snapped the picture and I pulled away.

"Thank you"

She engulfed me in a hug to which I wrapped my arms around her back.

I took a few more pictures, getting extremely bored.

"Al! Come on!"

Lou yelled at me from behind the model holding a pile of clothes in her arms.

I used this as my excuse to escape. The air was filled with disappointment and "Awwrrr's" after the realisation that only a lucky few had a picture.

The one's that did have a picture were literally jumping for joy and shoving their phone's in other people's faces.

It made me feel weird that someone was that happy because of me.

Lou grabbed my arm and dragged me to safety behind the man.

"What shorts have you picked?"

"I haven't"

"Al! You're bloody useless"

She handed me the huge pile of clothes and started looking through the stand.

The crowd was now calling mine and Lou's name.


She threw a few pairs of shorts on top of the growing pile.

"Now go and try them on"

She pushed me towards the changing rooms.


I threw the clothes on the floor, letting out a sigh.

Like hell am I going to try all of this on.

I picked up a a pair of small, bright blue shorts in front of my face and rummaged through the rest of the clothes.

She had everything in here, from hoodies to small, frilly dress like tops that covered just first the centimetre of your thigh.

I really loved all of the things she picked out.

I examined the size of the clothes. All 10's.

I wasn't fat but I wasn't skinny either.

That's part of the reason why I was getting hate. Some people were saying I was "too fat for Harry" and "I would most probably suffocate him in his sleep". That was always the thing that got to me the most, my weight.

I was always the fat kid in school, and always got picked on for it. I had no friends to go to for support, nothing.

In a way I liked having to stay home for Charlie, but knew I was never going to have a decent life if I didn't go.

I started to starve myself, to stop the hate. I refused too eat anything. Charlie always asked me why I wasn't eating and my reply was "im not hungry", but I was always famished.

My mum didn't even notice, and still doesn't to this day - no one does except me.

I've never felt the same way about food since, and that's why im not really a big fan of going clothes shopping, because it reminds me of the past.

The day I started feeling more comfortable in my own skin was when I met Harry.

I remember exactly how we met.


"No Poppy! Im not coming out tonight. I'm not in the mood"

She was still ranting down the phone to me about how it was her birthday in two days and she wanted to go out and celebrate it tonight.

"We'll go out on your actual birthday, not tonight"

With that I hung the phone up and shoved it back into my bag.

I took a sip of my water and carried on walking at a slow pace.

A boy in a hoodie with his hands in the pockets was fast approaching me.

Living in this neighbourhood I knew not to stop and keep my head down.

The clatter of my heels echoed on the pavement.

My body was spun around into the wooden fence , my hand releasing the water as his shoulder made impact with mine.

"Shit..Fuck, im so sorry"

He ran over to me and helped me up.

"S'okay thanks"

I smiled.

"You okay?"

His voice was extremely raspy.

"Yeah. Just a few scratches"

I stared at my hand.

"I'm really sorry"

He sighed taking his hood down.

"I'm Harry"

He held his hand out.


I said taking it.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Aren't you from that band?"

He sniggered and nodded, running his hand through his curls.


He scratched the back of his neck, obviously nervous.

"Do you like us?"


I tilted my hand left and right, my head mimicking it.

"Take that as a no then"

He awkwardly laughed.

"No! It's not that, its just I haven't really heard you. No offence"

"None taken"

He smiled, his bright green eyes beaming in the fast approaching darkness.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Harry"

My grip tightened around the handle of my bag.

"But i'd better be getting back, I don't really like going back late where I live..bye"

I smiled at him and walked away.


I turned behind me.

"Where do you live?"

I laughed.

"A completely different place than you're used too"

I carried on walking towards my destination.

"I'll come with you?"

His words made me freeze.

His heavy shoes pounded as he ran towards me.


"You can't just expect any girl to fall at your feet every time you blink at them"

I scoffed.

"How's this?"

He led his eye lids open with his fingers.

I tried to supress a laugh, but it escaped my lips.

"See, I've made you laugh. That means you like me"

There was something about him that I liked, I don't know if it was his attitude or looks, but something made me fall for him that night.


"You done yet?"

I was brought out of my memory by Lou, her lips poking underneath the white washed saloon style door that was placed in the middle of the door frame.

"Uhhh, yeah. Done"

I quickly gathered all the clothing and walked out to her.

"All fit?"

I nodded, my lips pressed together.

"Good. I thought they would"

She smiled taking them from my hands and carrying them to the counter.


A girl with long, brunet waves started scanning the clothes.

She left hardly anything left to imagination with the clothes she wore.

A red plaid flannel shirt was tied just underneath her breasts, her stomach on full show and tiny white shorts that revealed the start of her arse cheeks, her fake tan in contrast with the white.

I couldn't bear to look at her anymore. I walked away, Lou's and the girls head following me.

"Lou want's you"

I walked over to Harry who was sat on a leather chair in the shop, playing with Lux's hands who was sat on his lap.


"To pay"

He nodded and stood up, taking Lux with him.


I took Lux from his grasp, and sat her on my hip.

I wandered around the shop, feeling the different materials and looking at the posters of scantily clad men and woman on beaches.

"Don't ever jealous of other woman. You hear me Lux? You are going to be perfect just the way you are. No need to do anything stupid"

I kissed her head and rubbed her back.

The last thing I wanted was for her to turn out like me.

The only good thing that happened in my life was meeting Harry, and look where that's led.

"You are going to find a man who loves you, and treats you with respect, like a princess"

I carried on giving her advice, now turning my attention to the perfumes.

"Don't you dare let them push you around, or take away your pride. You are perfect just the way you are"

I realised I was talking about me, too me. I was giving myself advice. Talking about all of the stuff I regretted, but still I carried on.

"You are going to get a job, get married, have kids and grow up a successful woman, you have all of your family supporting you, you are going to have a great life"

A tear rolled down my cheek, realising that I never had any of that. I have an alcoholic mother, a dead father and a sister that I never bother to go and see. And also friends that i'm not even allowed to see. I want Lux to have a better life than I do. And I know that she will.

I gave her another kiss, bouncing her against my waist.

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