Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


46. Chapter Forty-Six

Harry's eyes peeled and locked on mine, drawing me in. His head flicked a little, indicating for me to go over.

I hesitantly took nimble steps towards him, his orbs still not leaving mine.

I stood with my arms crossed against my chest defensively, standing my ground. I tried to hide the fear that was eating me inside out by keeping my lips pressed together and my face stern.

He placed Lux on the seat next to him as he stood to his full height, now looming over my petite size.

"Outside. Now"

His curls tickled my face as he spoke, his forehead tilted forward.

My lips made quivering movements in attempt to speak, but he was out of the back door before any sound could be made.

I remained planted to the spot, staring at the floor.


My head snapped up at the raised voice, turning my head to the half open door.

Lou was in her own world, rambling to Poppy about everything she could think of. Poppy sat there, fighting the fact that someone else's hands were placed on her, trying to ignore it as much as possible.

A loud whistle echoed throughout the kitchen, summoning me.

I spun on my heel and strode towards the patio area trying to convince myself that everything was going to be okay.

He was pacing back and forth, his long fingers rubbing his smooth chin and linking through his hair. He saw me and sped walked over to me.

I stiffened myself ready for a shove or something forceful, but he never touched me. The distance between us about an inch apart.

Hot air blew into my face as his nostrils flared, eyes wide. I honestly didn't know how he can be okay one minute and psycho the next.

I dared not speak as he stared down at me. I distracted myself by looking at the pink and lilac flowers that laced the skirts of the garden.

"What did you and Niall do?"

His face was reddening at the thought, anger coursing through his veins.

"What? We didn't do anything? What the hell are you on about?"

I was startled by his question and those were the words that were the first to flee my lips.

"Don't lie to me Alex"

"I'm not lying! We really didn't do anything"

I ran my hands through my hair, frustrated as he again rubbed his chin.

"If it's one thing I hate, it's liars"

"But I'm not lying! Ring him and find out"

"Even if you did do something he would obviously objectify against it, so what would be the point?"

He actually did have a point there.

"I swear nothing went on"

His brows furrowed, still not buying my plea. It wasn't for me, it was for Niall. I knew how Harry got when angry, and I didn't want him to be on the receiving end of it.

"Why don't I believe you then?"

"Because you're a dick"

I covered my mouth with regret as soon as it had fled my mouth.

"I'm a dick? Well it looks like Niall's dick has been inside of you, you little slut"

His words actually hurt me, pained me even. That snide remark really struck a chord.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek and wiped it away with my index finger.

"A-Alex, I-I'm sorry"

Harry took a step forward as I took one back. He again took another one and I reciprocated it backwards.

More tears fell freely as I back away from him, my back eventually making contact with the wall.

The palms of my hands were firmly placed against the cold brick, my whole body pinned by Harry's.

His chest pressed into my breasts, his curls brushing over his eyes.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. It just came out. Im sorry"

He kept on repeating it quietly, almost to himself as he carefully brushed hair behind my ear.

I peeled my hands from the wall and placed them on his broad chest, my touch still slightly trembling.

A smug smiled appeared in lop-sided form, a little puff of air blowing some hair past my ears.

I looked up at him wondering why that one, harmless statement could of done so much damage to me.

I still hadn't a clue.

Harry's eyes fluttered closed, his lips pursing.

My lips parted in protest as he came closer, wanting to say something.

My tiny hands brutally shoved him back, not doing much difference other than make his head snap up in shock.

He stared at me, dumbfounded.

I quickly brought my small hand up to his cheek, leaving a pink imprint upon it.

He turned to look at me, his eyes now filled with rage.

I again pushed him back with all the force I could muster, but again failed.

Two large hands pressed against the wall either side of my head, the slapping sound so hard, making my ears ring.

"You shouldn't of fucking done that"

His eyes turned dark, possessing more anger than before. I was truly scared.

Harry brought his hand up and slapped my cheek hard earning a yelp from me.

I pressed my palms against my cheek, clutching it in horror.

My hands were prised from the stinging piece of flesh and taken into a hold above my head.

Flames rapidly flickered in his eyes as he looked down a my petrified face. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute into his chest as he pushed me against the wall with his body.

I twisted and tugged my arms, trying to free myself from his grasp but to no avail. He kept me firmly in place.

In a flash his facial features had softened. His teeth no longer grinding.


Harry started to stutter realising what he did.

His hand dropped my wrists, making them hit the wall as he took a step back from me in disbelief.

I stood there, frozen.

"Oh God, im so sorry"

He again stood directly in front of me, the backs of his fingers brushing my stinging skin.

I held in the tears, sniffling them away.

His fingers left my cheek and snaked around my waist, pulling me into a strong hug.

My arms dangled down my sides not wanting to reciprocate his action. My head rested against his fast rising chest.

He continued the affection for about another 20 seconds and peeled away, holding me at arms length.

"Alex look at me"

His fingers held my chin, tilting it up to look at him.

"I don't know what just happened...honestly" Harry sighed.

"I do" I sniffed flicking a few tears off my cheeks.

"Alex please don't-"

Harry called as I pushed away from him and stormed towards the house.

I heard a thud from behind me and a crack of the knuckles. I assumed he'd punched something but I refused to turn around.

"Alex! Doesn't she look beautiful?"

Lou called out to me, swivelling Poppy around to face me.

Her hair was now up in a big bun, her light blue eyes darkened with heavy eye liner and smoky eye shadow. Blush was placed along her already defined cheek bones, making them even more prominent.

I always had been jealous of Poppy. The way she looked, she dressed. She always looked amazing in everything she wore while I looked like something that had been dragged from the side of the street.

I never understood why Harry had taken an interest in me. There are millions of gorgeous, exotic girls in the world that would bow down at his feet, and he chose an eighteen year old from Sheffield. That alone bewildered me.

"Al? Are you okay?"

Lou's and Poppy's eyes were squinted, waiting for my answer.

I wiped my misty eyes and rid the tears that were threatening to spill.


I forced a weak smile upon my lips and turned on my heel to walk up the stairs.

Mumbling arose from the kitchen as I darted from door to door, trying to find the bathroom.

I pushed open the wooden door and closed it behind me, quickly sliding the lock across.

My back made contact with the door, my knees bending, slumping to the ground. I linked my hands through my hair and pulled it down, my head hitting my knee caps.

More tears leaked and trickled down my leg.

I wrapped my arms around my legs, interlocking my fingers and hugging them close.

Even with Poppy down stairs, I felt so alone. My life was a disaster.

People always said my life is "perfect" - far from it. Journalists and reporters think they know everything about you and jot it all down the newspaper to make a living. They don't think about the consequences that it has on the persons life, they just want their story on the front page.

I was always made out as the "luckiest girl in the world" because I was Harry's "chosen one". I never asked to be. I didn't even want to be.

All I get is hate. Don't get me wrong, there are always the fans who would kill to be in your position but also respect you. Yes, they obliviously think they would make a better girlfriend to them than you, but they stick up for you and support you, and those are the people who I respect in return.


A hushed tone whispered through the door.

"GO AWAY!" I yelled.

"Are you okay?"

"I said go away!"

I repeated myself, now bawling tears.

"Al, what are you doing in there?"

I remained silent, my head still bowed down.



I again snapped at Lou.

"Alex, just let me in. It's only me out here. No-one else, Poppy and Harry's down stairs"

My head snapped up and stared straight forward.


I wiped the running liquid from my eyes with the top of my wrist.

I picked myself up with the help of the door. My weak legs struggling to keep me up.

My head darted around the small room in frantic search of something that i had no idea of.

"Al?..Alex? Answer me"

She continued knocking at the door, her hits becoming louder as panic struck through her body.

I wandered over to the mirrored cabinet above the sink, completely blocking out the sound of worry from the other side of the door.

Right now my head was a complete jumble. All I knew was that I wanted to end everything right here, right now.

My nimble fingers hurriedly rummaged through the cabinet, in search of a weapon to my body.

My tips stumbled upon a pair of nail scissors. It was the first thing I found and I planned to use it.

"Alex! If you don't open this door now im calling Harry!"

I pressed my eyes together and made a small incision in my wrist, it felt so good.

I hissed as I dragged it through my skin, red liquid starting to ooze. I reached the end of my wrist, blood starting to run down my arm.

"Alex, if you don't answer me on three, then im calling Harry. 1...2....3! That's it! HARRY!...HARRY! GET UP HERE NOW!"

I brought the scissors to my wrist and dragged it just underneath the fresh cut.

More blood ran down my arm, the limb now almost completely red. It ran down the sides of my arm, droplets splashing onto the grey tiles.

My shaking breath started to slow down, my whole body now starting to rumble instead.

I felt faint as went to strike again, the room now beginning to fade into darkness.

I dropped to my knees as my legs gave way, not being able to carry my weight I forced upon them any longer.

Trembling hands tried to aim the scissors where I wanted to slice, but it was proving a task.

I could faintly hear thumping storm up the stairs, followed by knocks and muffles.

Loud buzzing was shooting through my ears, resulting in my head hurting. I opened my eyes as wide as they would go. I could feel myself drifting into unconsciousness.

I dropped the scissors to the floor, splattering more blood onto the tiles and placing my right arm firmly on the floor for support.

My body felt 100x heavier than usual and I couldn't keep it up. I crashed to the floor, my sliced arm extended in front of me, my legs held tight to my chest.

I stared directly at the door in front of me, trying to focus on something to keep me awake.

The door was moving, im guessing Harry was trying to kick it down.

My eyes kept flickering closed, eye lids also becoming too heavy to keep open.

I gave in, my eyelids closing, now in complete darkness instead of flickers of white and black light.

All I could feel was the pain that was now starting to seep through my arm, the fresh wounds attracting air and infection.

I sunk deeper into the depths of unconsciousness, only hearing knocks and muffles. My sense of sight being deprived.

I heard a crashing noise and then gasps. Heavy footed footsteps pounded their way over to me, rolling me onto my back.


I was unable to respond. Still vaguely aware of what's going on but completely detatched from reality.

My body was rolled onto my back and violently shook.


My right arm was picked up by my elbow and supported by being held upwards. A large hand carefully wrapped around the damaged limb while another one was placed under my head, finger nails gently massaging my scalp.

"Poppy, get a towel. now"

His harsh tone was barely heard under the ringing, only muffles but still enough to make out.

"I called them, they said they will be hear as quick as they can"

It was obviously Lou who came in, stepping over the broken door and crouching down besides me, opposite Harry.

"It's okay babe, everything's going to be fine"

A splash of liquid hit my face and trickled down the side of my nose before lips were placed on my forehead, giving me a reassuring kiss.

The smell of Lou's perfume lingered up my nostrils as she pulled away.

Her warm hands clasped my ice cold one, heating it up and rubbing.

I felt a fluffy material wrap around my arm, pressure being applied but still being held up.

"Al, wake up. Come on, wake up Al"

Lou kept repeating this in my ear, stopping every now and then to daintily kiss my chagis.

More tears of hers hit my cheeks and rolled down them.

I hadn't a clue where Poppy was right now. She could be standing right next to me and I wouldn't even know.

"Alex wake up, come on babe, wake up"

Harry's voice was now trembling, obviously scared but trying not to show it.

"Please. Im sorry. I-I love you"

That was the last sentence I heard before drifting off into utter darkness. All I saw was darkness, all I smelt was darkness, all I heard was darkness. There was nothing else to it, just...darkness.


hi! sorry i havent updated in days, but here is my present to you guys. ive been busy practicing the guitar after deciding to take it up after the one and only mr niall horan. but turns out i love it! soooo...yeah. also want to say cutting is a serious issue and i know how it feels to have to go through it all. i dont want to influence anybody to start doing it, and if you want anyone to talk to im always here :) love you all. ~katie

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