Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


47. Chapter Forty-Seven

I was awake but my eyes were fixed closed, not able to open them. I tried to wiggle my toes but it was proving a difficult task. I managed to twitch my fingers slightly, awakening the nerves that had been asleep.


A large hand grasped mine, showering it with heat.

My eyes were still too heavy to open, so they remained firmly shut. Skin was being rubbed against mine, trying to comfort my struggling body.

"Help! Someone get in here!"

His soft Irish accent bellowed for help, his request soon followed.

"What's wrong?"

A high pitched voice entered the room. Little puffs of air escaped her mouth as she tried to catch her breath.

"She uhh..she moved"


I didn't hear any reply after that. Warm finger tips caressed my eye lid and underneath my eye, carefully prising them open.

"Alex sweetie?"

I saw a blurry figure standing over me prying my eyelids open, her head dipping closer to me as her eye peered closely into mine.

"Alex can you hear me?"

She spoke to me like a 3 year old child.

"Alex, open your eyes I know you can hear me. Just open them"

Niall's voice was overrode with panic as his hands gripped mine and my upper arm, shaking me.

"Mr Horan, please step back. Let me do my job"

Nialls pressure slowly slipped away from my skin, his warm presence leaving me longing for more of his heat.

I was trying to mentally move my body, one by one of my fingers, slowly leading down my body.

It was an extremely abnormal feeling, hearing everything around you but physically unable to move any part of your body. Something that I had been through twice in the matter of hours.

Memories flashed through my head of the events that had occurred. The sudden panic that drove me to this as soon as I heard his name.

I look back on it now and ask myself why I did it. The fear that sparked it. What had actually caused me to become like this? So scared of him?

The images of running blood and scissors flashed through my mind at an alarming rate. I felt like I was wincing but I couldn't have been.

The pleasure that seeped through the cuts. The weight off of your back as soon as you dig into your wrist, the reason why people cut.

As soon as somebody cuts they automatically get classed as an "emo". They don't know the side of the persons story, why they started in the first place? So why should they have the right to judge? They're not perfect, they've made mistakes. So why do they feel the need to class and judge you when they're no better themselves?

This is the problem I've had to deal with since I was little. Remember I told you I was always taken the mick out of for being overweight? Well that's exactly why. I looked at cutting as a way out, freedom of some sort. But all that it ever got me was an "emo" label.

None of my friends know, nor my family and I planned to keep it that way. But something pushed me to the edge which caused me to re-do my old habits.

"That's it, come on. You can do it"

I could hear the woman's smile as she talked, pushing hair back from my forehead with the cupped palm of her hand.

I could numbly feel the joints in my fingers and toes begin to bend. My brow slowly creased into a frown as I squirmed, letting out irritated moans from my lips.

About 2 minutes later, my vision returned, focusing on bright blue eyes that hovered above me.

My sight wasn't all clear, still a tad blurry but enough to make out Nialls features.

A sincere smile was painted on his face, the bottom of his eyes beginning to fill with water.

My smile flipped, his expressions starting to worry me. I could tell I was in no state for this as drops of sweat began to appear on my forehead.

His large palm wiped them away with one swipe, one of his tears escaping his hold and trickling down his cheek.

"W-what is it?"

I hardly released a sound, the waves of volume erupting my scratched throat.

His lips stayed closed as another tear rolled down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry"

All that came out was a faint squeak as he mouthed it to me, dipping his head and pressing his lips in crook of my neck.

"What? What is it Niall?"

He shook his head into my shoulder, the liquid seeping through his eyes becoming prominent as they soaked my skin.

"Tell me..Please"

I felt tears now brimming in my eyes, becoming worried.

My fingers took refuge in his locks, becoming intertwined with the blonde strands.


hi! sorry about the short chapter, just really tired tonight. will most probably do some more tomorrow, maybe two chapters seeing as I haven't updated in a while :) ~katie

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