Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


44. Chapter Forty-Four

Harry and Lou waltzed over to me carrying numerous bags.

"Next stop, Gilly Hicks"

She barged past me, all excited about this shopping trip.

"What? I don't need anymore clothes, and Gilly Hicks is pretty much the same as here"

"No, Gilly Hicks is Australian, Hollister is American"

She carried on walking towards the door, the bags knocking some clothing from the stands.

I giggled as I followed her, completely oblivious to the destruction she was causing. I swerved around the strewn clothes as Harry picked up everyone behind me even though he had handfuls of bags.

We came to the biggest obstacle, the crowd.

There were now two male models protecting us from the even bigger crowd than before.

I examined the men's gorgeous, toned abs, resisting the urge to touch them.

I think they knew what I was thinking. They smirked at me and nodded.

I looked up in disbelief, making sure I had permission. He again nodded, now showing perfect teeth along with his lop sided grin.

My hand reached out to the dark haired one, his hair swooshed up in a mini quiff.

I placed my hand firmly on his broad chest. The rock hard bumps passing my hand as I dragged it down.

I cursed underneath my breath, forgetting Lux was still with me.

My eyes were intently fixed on tanned figure.

"Want a feel Lux?"

I wrapped my fingers around her tiny wrist and pressed her hand against his chest.

She started to giggle at the unusual feeling.

Both me and the model reciprocated the laugh, his chest rising and falling still with Lux's hand pushed against him.

I dragged her hand down him, slowly peeling it away.

I looked up at him.

"Thank you"

He flashed a smile.

"No problem. But do you mind doing me a favour?"

"Sure, what?

"Kiss me"

My eyes widened and so did the other model's.

"Uhh, I don't think that's a good idea"

I turned my head to find Lou looking through more clothes and Harry on his phone next to her.

"Come on, one little kiss?"

He gave me the puppy dog face. I sighed.

"Fine. One kiss"

I held my finger up indicating one. He smiled and bent down.

I inched towards him with my eyes closed, still aware of the crowd that was now screaming with excitement.

My pursed lips were millimetres away from his cheek, and before I knew it, were pressed against his lips.

My eyes shot open and I pulled away in shock.

My hand made contact with his cheek, leaving a bright pink mark.

A roar of gasps arose from the crowd.

The model rubbed his cheek with his finger tips, anger burning on his face.

He opened his mouth to say something, but before my eyes was tackled into the crowd.

Harry was throwing punches at his face, sat on his stomach.

The crowd started chanting Harry's name and started recording it. with their phones.

The other male model wrapped his arms underneath Harry's armpits and tried to drag him away, but Harry was too strong.

Lou ran over to the chaos.

"What the fuck?"

She dropped the bags and ran her hand through her hair.

Another toned man ran in and tried desperately to prise Harry from the body beneath him.

"Harry! Get your arse over here right now!"

Lou screamed at the top of her lungs.

She again ran her hand through her hair, pacing on the spot.

Harry was still too strong for the other men.

"Think about your fans! think about your career"

Harry ignored her still.

"Think about Lux"

Harry stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Lux buried into my chest, fisting my t-shirt.

He was dragged away by the men, not even putting up a fight, staring at me the whole time.

I could feel the vibrations rattle my chest as Lux started to cry.

Lou had tears threatening to escape her eyes. She wiped them away with the back of her hand, slightly smudging her mascara.

I'm guessing they never saw him like this before. Thing is I know exactly what he is like, and Zayn for that reason.

If Lou saw what all of them were like, she would have a heart attack.

Harry- Dominating, controlling, mental.

Zayn- Seductive, also controlling.

Louis - Perv, also a complete dick.

Liam&Niall- Sweet, caring and protective.

Those two are basically what are on the tin, but the rest are not. Behind closed doors, that's when they are who they really are.

I should show the world what they actually are, then lets see how many fans they have left. But that wouldn't be fair on Liam and Niall, or Lou in that case.

"Where have they taken him?"

Lou wiped a tear from underneath her left eye with her index finger.

"I don't know? maybe in a security room?"


And right I was.

Harry was being spoke to by a police officer.

Turns out the model by the name of "Peter" wants to press charges against him.

Harry's already agreed and decided to give it up front rather than go to court.

It will still be judged by the court, it just means he won't have to go.

We ended up getting escorted by the police to our cars.

After the word had spread, journalists and paparazzi was coming out at all angles at us.

I ended up driving home in Lou's car, she can get pretty much anything she wants with Harry.

We were singing along to the radio when "Live while we're young" came on. I rolled my eyes as Lou turned it up louder.

I rested my head against the cold, condensated window, observing the people we drove past.

I lifted my head and rolled down the window.


I waved out the window and shouted at the top of my lungs to get her attention.


I called her again.

"Lou pull over"


"Just pull over"

She did as I said.

I released the seatbelt and ran out of the door, an over to an unsuspecting Poppy.

I pushed her against a wall in a hug.

I looked up to a terrified Poppy. Thank God it was her, if it wasn't then that would have been awkward.


I nuzzled my face into her neck, engulfing her in another hug.

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