Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


48. Chapter Forty-Eight

Blue eyes met mine as he sat up, an irritated red surrounding them. Our gaze held for a moment, both lost on what to say.

"Tell me..What's happened?"

His head gently shook as he tightly gripped my hand.

"I am so sorry"

He brought my hand up to his chaffed lips, pressing them upon it.

I pulled it away, getting frustrated with the repeated answer, his facial expression was hurt.

"What's ha-"

I was cut off by a tall figure entering the room, heavy footsteps jogging towards me.

"You're awake"

I was engulfed in a hug, prominent biceps pressing against my cheek. He pulled away and hovered above me, dark curls framing his face while he supported his weight on his hands either side of my head.

I managed a small nod of the head, acknowledging that I had heard him.

A small smile appeared on his lips, not the usual, seductive smile, but an apologetic smile. I was being eaten inside out of frustration, my question not being answered.

"What the fuck has happened"

Both of their eyes widened, a bit surprised of my tone.

"I want to know. Now"

Harry nervously bit down on his lip, not sure how to answer. I looked at Niall. He rubbed his irritated eyes, making them a brighter shade of red. His blue eyes was in contrast with the red, giving the impression he was infected with some sort of disease.

"Al, there's no easy way to say this.."

Harry's fingers brushed my cheek, his finger nails tracing my jaw line. He let out a sigh, looking at Niall for help. He shook his head, not wanting to break the dreaded news.

My heart beat rose, I could feel the pumps thumping in my chest rapidly, awaiting the answer everybody was so scared to tell me.

"I..I think it would be better if your sister told you"

I frowned, looking up at him.

"C-Charlie's here?"

Tears started to form in my eyes.

They both nodded, their eyes fixed on me.

I tried to lift myself up, looking over Harry's shoulder. Large hands gently pushed me back down by my shoulders.

"Don't sit up, rest"

He kissed his two fingers and lightly pressed them on the ridge of my nose.

I couldn't help but peer at Niall. He lightly bit on the inside of his cheek, face starting to bubble with anger.

"Niall, go get her"

Harry patted Niall's shoulder as he spun on his heel and walked towards the door.

He emerged seconds later with an emotionally drained Charlie clinging onto his upper arm. She shuffled lifelessly towards the bed, her eyes puffy and red just like Nialls. Her hair was matted, obviously not been brushed in a while from stress, and her clothes tear stained, splattered with small drops of moisture.

"W-what's going on?" I started to panic even more.

Charlie grabbed and held my fingers in a strong hold, preparing me for the news.

"Umm..Al. M-mum's...she's umm..."

She burst out in tears, covering her eyes with her small hands as she sobbed loudly into them.

Harry was quick on his feet to comfort her, engulfing her in a hug, resting his chin upon her head as he slightly shook her from side to side. Her hands stayed fixed to her face, not reciprocating the gesture. His large hand rubbed her back reassuringly.

He whispered something into her ear. She nodded to his question as she pulled away from his grasp. He leaned into again and added something. She stifled a small giggle, her index fingers running underneath her eyes, wiping away the stray tears. Harry tapped her shoulder before sitting next to me on the bed.


He grabbed my hand, placing it in his and placed his other one on top, sandwiching it.

I already knew what he was going to say, the weird thing was that I didn't feel anything towards it. I was emotionless.

"You're mum died the other night" He squeezed my hand a bit "I'm so sorry" He added.

I was getting sick and tired of those words. "I'm sorry".

Everybody's eyes were on me as they eagerly waited for a reaction. A reaction they weren't getting.

Harry's eyes burned into mine, wide and anxious, desperately trying to figure me out. Niall stood at the edge of the bed, one arm crossed across his stomach while the other one was resting on it, aggressively rubbing his chin. Charlie looked at me in astonishment, not believing that I had no feeling towards this. By the looks of it, Niall was more upset than me.


sorry again for the short and boring chapter, but it will get better..promise! please comment what you think should happen and who your fave character is atm, etc. i love seeing what you all think :)! ~katie

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