Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


40. Chapter Forty

Surprisingly Harry had let me stay the night at Niall's. He said that it "Would be for the best" and that some how persuaded him.

We walked through the door of his luxury apartment.

"Make yourself at home"

He flicked all of the lights on.

There were 2 platinum albums hung on the wall.

Next to them was a small table with the boy's doll's on.

I walked over and picked up Niall's.

I held it up next to his face.

"I can see the resemblance"

He laughed.

I placed the box back on the table next to the rest of them.

I stood there awkwardly, staring at my feet.

His hand grabbed mine, engulfing it.

I gasped and looked up at him.

A smile was plastered across his face.

He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. His eyebrows were raised.

"It's late, let's get to bed"

He dragged me through to his bedroom.

"Niall I-"

His lips made contact with my neck, making me gasp.

Gentle pecks were made up behind my earlobe, and back down to the crook of my neck.

His hands were firmly gripped around my waist, pulling me closer to his torso.

I could feel the bulge that was ready to be freed.

His fingers slowly crept lower, until they were placed on my arse cheeks.


My breath caught in my throat.


He murmured appreciatively.

"No. I can't do this"

I pushed him away.

"Alex what!"

He looked confused.

"I can't do this with you, GOD we're friends we don't do this, this is way past the line, I need space!"

I walked out of the bedroom tears stinging my eyes.


Niall ran after me.

"No Niall!"

"Alex, I didn't mean to hurt you"

He slowly inched closer.

"Stop! This isn't happening"

I dragged my hands down my face.

"Eleanor was right!"

I stomped my foot in anger.

"What? Eleanor was right about what?"

His voice was soft and delicate, being cautious not to set me off again.


I burst out crying, it was all too much for me.


He took another step towards me.

I collapsed too the floor, mainly of exhaustion.

He came and sat down next to me, placing my head on his lap.

His fingers gently massaged my scalp, his other hand rubbing the top of my shoulder.

"Do you want to go too bed? You can go in the spare room if you want"

It had automatically turned awkward between us. It all happened so fast.

I was processing what had just happened through my head.

I nodded, wiping away a stray tear with my index finger.

He delicately lifted me up, carrying me bridal style to the bedroom.

I buried my head deeper into his jumper, taking in his scent.

He kicked the door open with his foot, carrying me to the bed and pulled back the covers, gently placing me on the comfy mattress.

He bent down and placed a soft, lingering kiss on my forehead.

He stood back up.


I patted the space next to me.

He looked at me gingerly before kicking his shoes off and slipping in next to me.

"Night Alex"

"Night Niall"

I intertwined my leg in between his and threw my arm over his stomach, my body pressed against his back.

His hand grabbed the one that was dangling down his front and he started to rub my palm with his thumb.

Before I knew it, we were out like a flash.

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