Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


52. Chapter Fifty-Two

"I need to go too the toilet"

I kept my vision averted from Niall, slightly embarrassed.

He nodded his head and slowly pulled the covers down, revealing my uncovered legs. He lightly gripped my calves and gently pushed them so they were dangling off of the bed, making sure not to cause any sudden movements.


He waited for my answer as he threw my arm around his neck and supported me by holding my waist. I nodded and my feet touched the cold, white tiles.


Niall dragged some white slippers over to me with his foot. I slid my feet into the uncomfortable shoes and gripped on tighter to Niall's shoulder.

He slowly took the first step, me following until something tugged at my arm. I hissed, looking down at the stinging sensation.


The tube carrying blood was stretched, causing me pain. Luckily it was still in the flesh, supplying me with much needed blood, also with the other tube attached to the back of my hand, supplying me with saline to keep my body hydrated.

Niall leaned over and grabbed the metal pole with the double sided hooks with bags of fluid and pulled it towards us, rolling it besides us. Without a word, we strolled through the almost deserted corridors of the private department, only the sounds of phones ringing and the odd cough echoing through the tiled hallway.

I shuffled along trying to keep the over-sized slippers on my feet. The size 6's were way to big for my ditty size 4 feet. Niall kept a firm grip on the pole and my waist, trying to relieve me of pain as much as possible. My arm still ached from where I had cut, the wounds trying to heal.

We reached the bathroom, and of corse were single sex, which meant Niall wouldn't be aloud to enter. He gave me the "what are we going to do" look. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I can handle it, just hand me the pole"

I held my left arm out, which was starting to get heavy very quickly.

"You sure?"

I nodded. He reciprocated the head movement and rolled the pole over to me, still holding onto my arm. I firmly grasped onto the pole as Niall slowly backed away, supporting my body weight. He had his arms outstretched, ready to catch me if my body decided to let me down. I flashed him a quick smile before slowly scuttling into the toilets.

I chose the first cubicle to the right of me. I pulled the annoying pole I was attached to, into it with me. It was tight, but just enough room to do your business. I furrowed my eyebrows as the sound of giggling entered the room, followed by a hard slam of a cubicle door and the lock. I looked around at the barrier separating this cubicle to the cubicle next to me and hissed in disgust. Heavy breathing and sounds of sloppy kisses were wafting underneath the wall.

I tugged my feet away as something landed half underneath in my cubicle, a pink floral t-shirt. My mouth was wide open in shock and disgust. More moaning and kissing sounds evaporated, along with more articles of clothing, now strewn across the floor. How classy. Hospital toilet sex.

"Fuck. Harder, harder!"

Cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room, as the wall next to me vibrated and shook more vigorously. Do they even know im here? Or do they not give two shits about the other people who has to listen to it, and subconsciously picture it in their heads?

I took this as my chance to escape while they were hard at it. I could hear them coming to the end and reach their climax. I pushed myself up with the help of the pole and the back of the toilet, quickly wiping my front and about to flush the toilet when the unlock of the door next to me stopped me in my tracks. They came down quicker than expected. I looked down to see all of the clothes that were half in here were gone.

I could hear heavy, satisfied breathing and breathless laughs on the other side of the door. I waited for about another minute for them to leave, but to much disappointment, they were staying. Neither had spoken a word yet, still trying to catch their lost breath.

I was stuck. I didn't want to go out and face awkwardness between this couple, nor did I want to stay in here. What if I flushed the toilet? Would that make them disappear? I decided to take the chance and do it. The sound of water erupted and I placed my fingers on the sliding lock ready to open. I couldn't hear if they had left or not. I slid the lock across over-dramatically and slowly opened the door with my eyes squinted closed and the rolling pole.

I hooded my eyes to see if they had left, but they hadn't. They were now both at separate sinks with their heads down and washing their hands, both at the far end of the row, acting like they didn't know each other. It was a bit obvious seeing as it's a female toilet, and there's a male in here, but I acted oblivious nonetheless. I walked up to the girl in the floral top and turned on the tap next to her, rinsing my hands. I was forced to look at her as I turned to dry my hands and a gasp escaped my lips. Tears brimmed as I turned on my heel to face the male. My chest again tightened as I gripped it and hissed, my knuckles turning white from the amount of pressure I was holding the pole.

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